Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So I've never really got into the whole yoga thing. I just figured it was another fad like tae-bo. But boy am I a believer now. I just did a whole hour of yoga x (part of the p90x program) and all I can say is wow. I feel sooo good. And super relaxed. Yoga will definitely be added to my weekly workout regimine (is that how you spell it lol?)
Anyways...the one thing killing me right now is motivation. More like the lack of it. My schedule has been so crazy the past couple months that it has been a challenge getting a workout in. The best time for me is at night with stanky in bed and juju watching a movie in his room. So around 8pm at night. I go to work every morning and all day all I can think about is working out when I get home. Well that is until this past week. Hopefully with adding yoga, I can be excited again.

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