Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cardio x Total Body (wk 1)

*I posted my work out last night, well at least I thought I did. Oh well, here it is...a day late but here it is*

So I had every intention of doing 3 of the 10 minute work outs but missing all those days was not good. I did my cardio work out first. Only 10 minutes and I was sweating my ass off! It felt good to get my heart pounding like that. My body was super exhausted after that but I was determined to do another work out. The first like 4 minutes into the total body work out was fine. But boy oh boy did I want to stop. But I kept going. All my muscles burned. And I started sweating a whole lot more than I did doing cardio. My limbs started quivering too. LOL. But I did it. Sore as I am today, a whole day later, It was an awesome workout.
Now as for tonight...look out body because I'm shooting for 3 work outs tonight.

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