Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Core, Core, Core

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Wednesdays! I love working my mid section! I am still doing 10 minute trainer, but every Wednesday I like to do either P90x Core Synergics or Ab Ripper x. They make me challenge my body. When I first started really working out I could barely do a prisoner push up. Now I can do it for a full minute jumping back into plank before my push up.
Everybody wants killer abs. I do! Crunches aren't gonna give you a six pack all on its own. And between you and me...ANYBODY can do crunches. ANYONE can do a hundred crunches. And, again, just between you and me, crunches hurt. Like not the good kind of hurt either. They hurt my back. They hurt my neck. Core exercises are where its at. Try this: get into plank position. Hold for 30 sec. Then lower yourself to the ground like a push up, keeping abs and butt tight, legs straight with only your hands and toes on the ground, and hold this position for 30 seconds. Then push back up to the first position. Key to this is perfect form. Make sure that when you are in plank position, your wrists are under your shoulders. You need to keep everything tight so as not to start rocking where it feels like you're about to lose your balance. (Even though you really might lose your balance. I did) Seriously. Try this out. Everyday. Make this a part of your workout routine. Best time to do it is at the end, part of your cool down.

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