Friday, February 12, 2010

A fun work out

So I admit, no workout last night. My stomach was not feeling so good. I thought it was cramps, so I changed into my workout clothes and decided I was gonna do some ab work to help ease them. But no they were not those cramps. I honestly don't know what they were, but they sent me into the bathroom, hurling my brains out.  I don't know what the heck happened.
I do feel better today. In fact I had a great day. Did some cardio outside with my little guys in the snowthis morning. Ran back and forth across our front lawn a bunch of times because juju wanted to race. LOL. Just did 10 minute lower body workout. Legs are ok. Not too jello-y.
My fit tip for today...having fun can always be a workout.Liking "racing" my son this morning. I got my heart rate up and even sweated a little. At the park with the kids? Show them your monkey bar swinging skills. Taking the baby for a stroll around the neighborhood? Keep your head up, walk tall, and engage your abs the whole time. Anything can be turned into some type of workout. Bowling. Now there's a super fun activity, that works your entire body.

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