Thursday, March 25, 2010

Week 2 of "circuit love"

I have decided to do the circuit workout I started last week for 3 weeks total before changing to a different routine.
So this past Sunday, I wrote out my workouts for the entire week:

Monday: full body circuit (4 sets)
               10 minutes on the eliptical
Tuesday: 15 minutes on the eliptical
                ab workout (2 sets of 8-12 ea)
                - reverse crunch on the floor
                - v up on bench
                - crunch on ball
                - weighted crunch on floor
                - oblique crunch
                - crossover crunch on ball
                - plank
Wednesday: full body circuit (4 sets)
Thursday: 15 minutes on the eliptical
                  ab workout (2 sets of 8-12 ea)
Friday: full body circuit (4 sets)
             10 minutes on the eliptical
Saturday: off
Sunday: off

The abs workout I included I also got from Oxygen magazine. Its 2 lower, 2 upper, 2 obliques, and a core. (I told y'all I love that magazine)

I'm starting to see some small changes in my body with this new workout. My legs are leaning out (does that make sense?) and the love handles are starting to not be so handley. LOL. I'm glad I started this workout when I did, especially since the hubster will be moving to Texas next week...finally.  So I'll be sexy! LOL!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Circuit love

I know what you're thinking...where in the world has that girl gone? Its been crazy round here. Still adjusting to Austin. Then Juju got sick. Then I got sick. Ugghhh. But I'm here now with an update on my workout progress.
The building I work in has a gym, so I've been working out for 30-40 minutes of my lunch break. It has been AWESOME! I started with just doing cardio on my all time fave machine-->the eliptical. This past Tuesday I started with a total body circuit that I got from Oxygen magazine (my most FAVE workout companion), and then hit the eliptical. And let me tell you it totally kicked my butt. I took Wednesday as an off day and thank goodness. My body was sore from that body circuit. Yesterday I just did the circuit and today I just did cardio.
But here's what the body circuit consists of:
1. Plie squats (10)
2. Bicep curl to shoulder press (8-10)
3. Walking lunges (12 each leg)
4. 2 arm dumbbell row (8-10)
5. Romanian deadlift (8-10)
6. Bridge and crunch-holding dumbbell with both hands (10-12)
7. Push-ups (6-12)
The goal is to do each exercise with stopping, resting for a minute and then repeating the circuit. Eventually doing the circuit 4 times.
So I thought I was the ish and did the circuit 4 times. I was exhausted! and yes my body was feeling it the next day. But don't you love that? I know I do. The knowing that I am another day closer to being in my best shape ever.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oh the power of a work out!

Haven't been on here in awhile I know. Thats just due to my moving to Texas. I will be honest and say I have had a hard time making time for working out. My priorities and my focus was strictly on moving and starting my new job. But boy oh boy do I regret it. I park at the top floor of the parking garage so I can walk up and down the stairs to get my heart rate up during the day. WOW. I never knew 4 flights of stairs could get me that exhausted. I mean, I'm in pretty good shape. So for 3 days I walked up and down those stairs. And my legs were killing me. That was the KICK I needed to get back to my routine. I am even more dedicated now than I ever was to be in tip top shape this year...MY year, remember?
With that being said, I am off to do some yoga. Anyone know of a really good pilates dvd that I should try? I'm going back to mixing it all up. See y'all tomorrow.
Hey wait...lets do this one thing together...1, 2, 3, drop and do 5 push ups followed by 10 crunches...GO! Ok back to your night.