Friday, March 19, 2010

Circuit love

I know what you're thinking...where in the world has that girl gone? Its been crazy round here. Still adjusting to Austin. Then Juju got sick. Then I got sick. Ugghhh. But I'm here now with an update on my workout progress.
The building I work in has a gym, so I've been working out for 30-40 minutes of my lunch break. It has been AWESOME! I started with just doing cardio on my all time fave machine-->the eliptical. This past Tuesday I started with a total body circuit that I got from Oxygen magazine (my most FAVE workout companion), and then hit the eliptical. And let me tell you it totally kicked my butt. I took Wednesday as an off day and thank goodness. My body was sore from that body circuit. Yesterday I just did the circuit and today I just did cardio.
But here's what the body circuit consists of:
1. Plie squats (10)
2. Bicep curl to shoulder press (8-10)
3. Walking lunges (12 each leg)
4. 2 arm dumbbell row (8-10)
5. Romanian deadlift (8-10)
6. Bridge and crunch-holding dumbbell with both hands (10-12)
7. Push-ups (6-12)
The goal is to do each exercise with stopping, resting for a minute and then repeating the circuit. Eventually doing the circuit 4 times.
So I thought I was the ish and did the circuit 4 times. I was exhausted! and yes my body was feeling it the next day. But don't you love that? I know I do. The knowing that I am another day closer to being in my best shape ever.

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