Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Insanity, Day 1: Ft Test

So I know I said I was gonna be starting on Monday, but it was pretty crazy here in the locker room. So today was the day. And I thought I was gonna puke all over the was AWESOME!
So the fit test is this: 8 different exercise that you do for a minute each. The point is to do as many as you can in that minute. I THOUGHT I was in shape, but wow. It really kicked my ass.
Here are the exercises and how many I did of each in a minute:

1. Switch kicks - 80
2. Power jacks - 40
3. Power knees - 60
4. Power jumps - 22
5. Globe jumps - 10
6. Suicide jumps - 17
7. Push up jacks - 9
8. Low plank oblique - 30

Ya crazy!!! Like I said I was wiped out! My goal is to increase at least up to 10 of each. Wish me luck. Day 2 is gonna be another crazy day.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The INSANITY starts tomorrow

Well tomorrow is the day I start Insanity. I am actually super excited! I love cardio! I love getting my heart rate up and sweating like I was walking in the Sahara desert. I have spent the majority of the past almost 2 hours going over the workout plan for the next 2 months and I am already feeling antsy.
Earlier tonight we went grocery shopping and got a bunch of good, healthy stuff for the week to keep me going. I am not following the nutrition plan for 1, I am not "average size" and 2,  same reason as number 1. I am a tiny little woman and the "advised nutritional plans" don't fit ME: I am 4 foot 7, 100 pounds. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE food, but will be changing the way I eat to maximize results. and I really do need to eat better. Its pretty effed up that I make my kids eat "the good stuff" and I just pick "the good stuff" off of my plate.
So tomorrow is the day. I do plan on working out during lunch like I always do--nothing too heavy though. Ooohhh I can't wait! I will be documenting here so stay tuned.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yes my shoes are blue...

And my sports bra is fuschia. Well my shoes are actually black with teal stripes. it bad that I want new workout clothes to match my new shoes that I got for my birthday? Yes I know that all that matters is my work out, but come on. I completely CLASH. Someone please tell my husband that all the cool people match their shoes and their work out clothes.

(I know...VERY random lol)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I wanna be a runner

Not like a marathon runner or anything like that. Just a runner. I wanna work out in the gym and then go for a "run." Thing is, I hate the idea of running. I thinks its pointless and it really isn't any fun to me. I like fun. Running seems too much like work lol. But all I keep hearing is the benefits of running. I still have "the pooch" 2 years later after having my youngest son. You know, that extra, stretched out skin that was once a gorgeous pregnant belly. I keep hearing "you should try running to get rid of it." My response...HOW?!
Well after years and months of just plain out refusing to run, I have decided to add it to my weekly work out routine. I will start out slow. Going from once a week on the treadmill to hopefully building up and running around my neighborhood. My hubs is even being rather supportive and bought me a pair of awesome and comfortable running shoes for my birthday. (He's actually the one who's been pushing me to run.)
Tomorrow is D-day. Day 1. Wish me luck.