Sunday, May 2, 2010

I wanna be a runner

Not like a marathon runner or anything like that. Just a runner. I wanna work out in the gym and then go for a "run." Thing is, I hate the idea of running. I thinks its pointless and it really isn't any fun to me. I like fun. Running seems too much like work lol. But all I keep hearing is the benefits of running. I still have "the pooch" 2 years later after having my youngest son. You know, that extra, stretched out skin that was once a gorgeous pregnant belly. I keep hearing "you should try running to get rid of it." My response...HOW?!
Well after years and months of just plain out refusing to run, I have decided to add it to my weekly work out routine. I will start out slow. Going from once a week on the treadmill to hopefully building up and running around my neighborhood. My hubs is even being rather supportive and bought me a pair of awesome and comfortable running shoes for my birthday. (He's actually the one who's been pushing me to run.)
Tomorrow is D-day. Day 1. Wish me luck.

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