Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Insanity, Day 1: Ft Test

So I know I said I was gonna be starting on Monday, but it was pretty crazy here in the locker room. So today was the day. And I thought I was gonna puke all over the was AWESOME!
So the fit test is this: 8 different exercise that you do for a minute each. The point is to do as many as you can in that minute. I THOUGHT I was in shape, but wow. It really kicked my ass.
Here are the exercises and how many I did of each in a minute:

1. Switch kicks - 80
2. Power jacks - 40
3. Power knees - 60
4. Power jumps - 22
5. Globe jumps - 10
6. Suicide jumps - 17
7. Push up jacks - 9
8. Low plank oblique - 30

Ya crazy!!! Like I said I was wiped out! My goal is to increase at least up to 10 of each. Wish me luck. Day 2 is gonna be another crazy day.

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