Thursday, July 29, 2010

I fell...

Yes folks...I admit it. I fell out of my high heels. I haven't been as committed to working out this past month. I've blamed stress, and work, and just no time...but of course, those are what I would call 'lame excuses.' So today I give myself a kick in my hotpants. Today, I will get those heels back on, and get back to my journey of 'sexy.'
With that all laid out on the table...there are some changes that I am making with this blog. Besides anything "work out" related, I am thinking of adding some fashion and maybe some make-up posts as well. I mean those 2 things can run hand in hand with working out and help me on my journey to sexy, right? :)
Over the weekend I will be changing the layout and everything and I have even thought about changing the title. We shall see.
Until then my pretties....MUAH!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Fit Tip

One word...MOVE!

Take the stairs instead of riding the elevator.
Take your pets for a walk.
Dance to your favorite song.
Or just do 10 jumping jacks.
It doesn't matter what you do today as long as you are moving. Get that heart rate up! :)