Thursday, July 29, 2010

I fell...

Yes folks...I admit it. I fell out of my high heels. I haven't been as committed to working out this past month. I've blamed stress, and work, and just no time...but of course, those are what I would call 'lame excuses.' So today I give myself a kick in my hotpants. Today, I will get those heels back on, and get back to my journey of 'sexy.'
With that all laid out on the table...there are some changes that I am making with this blog. Besides anything "work out" related, I am thinking of adding some fashion and maybe some make-up posts as well. I mean those 2 things can run hand in hand with working out and help me on my journey to sexy, right? :)
Over the weekend I will be changing the layout and everything and I have even thought about changing the title. We shall see.
Until then my pretties....MUAH!

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