Monday, August 2, 2010

Move it Monday...

If you follow my personal blog, you know I posted this like a week or 2 ago.
Mondays are hard for mostly everyone I know. For me its the worst. I normally take Saturday and Sunday as my 2 off days from working out, so come Monday, I sometimes find myself dragging ass. Not anymore. No more specific workouts for Mondays. No having to feel like I'm forcing myself to work out. I WILL make this fun! :)
So...let's kick off Monday (and every Monday from now on) and MOVE IT! Do whatever you want during the entire length of this song. Have fun with it. Dance. Do pushups, jumping jacks. Hula hoop. Jump on one foot. Jump on the bed (just not in front of the little ones). Do whatever it is that you want---just MOVE IT! Eating does NOT count. :) Nor does sitting on the couch or chair blinking your eyes.

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