Tuesday, November 9, 2010

21 questions...


I dare you...In fact Jen dares you :)

1. Have you ever fascinated about someone of the same sex?
I actually have...this girl I used to work with when I was dancing. She was HOTT!
2. How do you feel about condoms?
I don't use em anymore. I used to use em all the time before I got married. Well I stopped using them when I met him.
3. How important is sex to you on a scale of 1 to 100...
Hmmm...its a super big deal I think, but not a 100. I'll say 90.

4. How often do you masturbate?
Recently only like once a week. Hubs and I just got over this hump of no sex that has ENDED! WOOHOO for me! Long story lol  
5. When you fake an orgasm could you win an oscar?
TOTALLY! I surprise myself and think dang, I guess I really wasn't THAT tired.
6. Have you ever seduced someone?
LOL...There was this guy in college that I just had to have. Long story short, I guess I did seduce him because he ended up being my "friend" for a while. 
7. Have you ever had a one night stand?
Oh goodness YES! Sometimes you just have to. 
8. How do you feel about phone sex?
Have done it, still do it :) and yes with my husband.
9. Do you look at porn on the internet?
I totally used to love watching porn. But haven't in a LONG time.
10. Would you pose naked in a magazine for 10,000 buck aroos! 
YUP! Though I don't think the hubby would approve. I would love to do playboy.
11. Have you ever tried Tantric Sex?
You know, yes, but not really. Like not full on. Does that even make sense lol 
12. Are you a sex initiator? 
I am sometimes. The urge is crazy sometimes. Makes hubs happy that I'm tryna take his ass down.

13. Are you addicted to Sex?
I love sex and would love to have it everyday...and sometimes twice a day on the weekends. Hello my name is Nicole and I am turning into a sex addict
14. Sexiest part of a womans body?
15. Are you into bondage?
Not me. The closest I get to anything bondage is being blind folded...does that even count? lol Oh and I've been "tied up" once
16. Do you like to be tied up or be the tie-er upper?
 I've been tied up once and have hand cuffed someone. I like to be the one "tie-ing up"
17. Longest sex session?
I have no idea. But whoa, I felt like I was orgasming the entire time 
18. naughty or nice?
19. Do you like to be spanked?
Yes when I'm getting it from the back, but not all crazy like
20. Did you ever have sex in your parents bedroom?

and lastly...
21. How many toys do you own?
Not very many anymore, but am building back up :) 
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Daisygirl said...

woohoo...some hot answers girl! Thanks for linking up! I am a lip girl myself! and so laughing at your sex addict answer ;)

Happy Tuesday!