Monday, December 27, 2010

New ME :)

AND new things coming up for this blog. I don't make resolutions. Well I have tried making resolutions before but, BLAH, we all know how that goes. Anyways...I know I've been talking about turning this blog around and just haven't really done anything except for changing my background. But January is proving to be a month of promising changes. So to hold myself a little more accountable for these "resolutions" I've decided to do a mock list of things that I want (and will) get done...all starting January 1st...
1. PROMOTE this blog every chance I get...increase readership.
2. Post more regularly here about all the beauty that is ME :) and all the beauty I find.
3. Keep up on my Friday Fit Tip
4. Do fashion and make-up posts...because YES...this WILL BEcome a fashion/make-up/fitness type of blog.
5. Sex. No more is this subject taboo. Posts on this as well.
So as you can see, the "focus" is on everything fashionably, beautifully, fit. I am the only girl in my house and dagnabit I am proud of it! This is my space where I can be a girl.

Look out blog universe...I'm entering 2011 with a BANG!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Work out funk

So for the entire month of November I went through a work out funk. I "wanted" to work out and even wrote down work outs. But I just had no push. No real want. I think its mostly because I was just bored and was wanting to do something fun and not "traditional."
I am OVERJOYED to say that I have once again found fun in working out. Insert Tahitian dancing :) I've danced hula all my life, and even when I moved to Las Vegas for college. I only did tahitian when I lived in Hawaii. So while looking for fun work outs, I came across Tahitian cardio and Tahitian hip hop. Sooooooooo much fun. It gives me a great ab/core workout and leg workout. My heart just pumps away :)
I found some hula classes here and am looking into maybe taking some, but no tahitian classes. So for now its youtube for me. I hope to get really good again and maybe even offer some tahitian classes to my friends and friends' friends.
Here's part one of the work out that I have been doing....

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Naughty or Nice?

Here we are again. Do YOU dare? Jen decided to do a naughty or nice version :) MUAHAHAHAHA
1. Had sex in car older than a 1985 model?
NAUGHTY...1978 camaro

2. Played strip poker and lost?
Have played, but never lost. Now that I think about it, I think the people I played with lost on purpose lol

3. name three celebrities you would like to bang the sh!tz out of. 
Oh ya...

Football players are celebrities, right?! 

Oh John Tucker...YUM

4. Ever gone commando?
NAUGHTY...yes I have. Still do too :)

5.Open relationship?
When I was in college, but of course not now.
6. you have been naughty what is your punishment?
Let me tie YOU up. Oh wait ;) Ummmm...spank me, from the back :)

7. ticklish?
NAUGHTY...YES! That part where your leg is attached to your pelvis.
8. spit or swallow?
NAUGHTY...I'll say both ;)
9. is rear entry an option?
 My rear has been NAUGHTY before.

10. What would you do for a Klondike bar?
Nothing really...don't like em
11. Truth or Dare? (Truth have you ever been with more than 1 person in one day? or show a tasteful picture of cleavage/boobs or guys a boxer shot)
I'll take TRUTH because my girls hurt right now...Yes and well yes-->separately (and I showered in between) and together...SO NAUGHTY

12. BDSM?
Just not into it.
13. Does this picture make you horny or hungry?
It totally cracks me up! LMAO!!!
14.You order a pizza...would you ever flash the delivery guy at the door?
I totally would, if I wasn't married that is
15. Are you horny?
Right now YES. (Hubs just got out of the shower and is drying off in front of me..NAUGHTY mind in action.
16. Leather or lace?
 I will have to say lace...feeling rather "romantic" these past few days.

17. silk ties or hand cuffs?
Hand cuffs are cool, but oh the feel of those ties....*insert body chill here*
18. Thongs? Boy shorts? Grannie panties? lace?
NAUGHTY...NOTHING. But if I do "have to" wear something then its thongs all the way!
19. eyes open or closed?
Open. I wanna see everything and take it all in.
20. romance or kink?
Romance is always good, but KINK...Kink is NAUGHTY and I like to have it once in awhile.

and lastly
21. would you rather take a bath in chocolate pudding or drive around the town naked in your car?
I'll say drive around town naked. I mean how fun right?! (*NAUGHTY*) 
Well there you have...spank me, I've been a naughty girl