Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Work out funk

So for the entire month of November I went through a work out funk. I "wanted" to work out and even wrote down work outs. But I just had no push. No real want. I think its mostly because I was just bored and was wanting to do something fun and not "traditional."
I am OVERJOYED to say that I have once again found fun in working out. Insert Tahitian dancing :) I've danced hula all my life, and even when I moved to Las Vegas for college. I only did tahitian when I lived in Hawaii. So while looking for fun work outs, I came across Tahitian cardio and Tahitian hip hop. Sooooooooo much fun. It gives me a great ab/core workout and leg workout. My heart just pumps away :)
I found some hula classes here and am looking into maybe taking some, but no tahitian classes. So for now its youtube for me. I hope to get really good again and maybe even offer some tahitian classes to my friends and friends' friends.
Here's part one of the work out that I have been doing....

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Nini said...

LMBO!! I love this! Sign me up!!!