Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The druken 21

 *FYI..Daisy did readily admit she was in a drunken state when she was doing these questions last night*
I haven't done this in awhile so let's get this started already...

1. Did you have sex today?
Why yes, yes I did. Its a great way to wake up and start your day. I highly recommend it.
2. Did you have an orgasm in the last 24 hours?
Yup! This morning :)
3. Can you get off from a sexy text message?
I've received sexy texts before but nothing that would get me off
4. I have a friend that can get horny watching the food network, what channel or show gets you off?! LOL. Food network?! wow
5. Blow job while in a moving vehicle with the blow-ee driving. 
I have tried that. Doesn't work very well because I have this big middle console thingy in the way. And P.S. that shit dangerous lol

6. Longest you have gone without sex?
I think 2 weeks. 
7. Longest you have gone without toys of any kind?
A LONG TIME.  Months...I was with this guy that just never appreciated them.

8. Most uncomfortable place you have had sex?
At our old house back in Louisiana, on our pool deck. Wood is not sex-friendly.
9. are you loud in the bedroom?
Oh god ya. I have to basically eat my lip or suck on the hubster's fingers (which I found out he absolutely loves)
10. Do you like to be in control or have none?
Oh I totally loving having the control. The look on my hubs face is awesome!
11. How do you feel about choking?
I have to be in one of those moods. Not an all the time sort of thing.
12. Have you ever vajazzled?
No but I SOOOOOO want to

13. Can you yoodle? (remember I said I am drunk)
 What the heezy Daisy?!! LOL I'll be safe and say no because I have no idea what the heck that is

14. What is the sexiest thing you own in your opinion?
garter belt and thigh highs 
15. Favorite kind of alcohol that makes you horny?
Wine, tequila

16. Have you ever had sex on a full bladder?
Ugh ya...but it made everything super sensitive which was damn good!
17. Biggest turn on in a man and biggest turn on in a woman?
Man: dude its the eyes and muscles for me. Woman: boobs!
18. Do you like oral sex?
Yes...both giving and receiving

19. Do you think you could watch your partner/signif other be with someone else?
20. I am drunk remember so I am going to show a picture...wanna share? ya don't have to only if you dare....
Currently at work right now and I share an office with 2 maybe not right now but later
and lastly
21. Have you ever tried ben-wa balls?
No I haven't but would try.

So that's it for me dolls. Now you go link up!


Daisygirl said...

ouchie momma on the wood....oweeeeeee!

I am so loving wine at the moment. Just takes the edge off just enough ya know! Ya I was a little drunk I question some of my questions...haha!

Thanks for linking up!!!

Nini said...

I have never seen this 21 Questions thing very very interesting *says the little sex fiend me*

Artemis Clover: The real L.A. love story. said...

OMG LOLOL! wow um.... interesting questions and i thought about each one myself. i must say you gals are living it up much more than i am. and 2 weeks?! good for you!