Monday, January 24, 2011

It's in the 'do :)

I know what you're thinking...damn this bitch said she was cutting her hair Friday so where's the pic? What style/cut did she choose? Well here ya go...
I kind of went with my own "style."
~ 4 inches off the length
~ re-layered
~ shortened the bangs
I wanted to style my hair before I took a picture to post, but lets face it. I'm lazy right now. Still deciding what color I want to dye my hair. Its dark brown right now, but I'm thinking of going maybe red-brown. Or doing some red chunks throughout.
Ok so I look more Asian now? I kinda think so. Even though my best friend (who reads this blog by the way, so that's why I'm mentioning it) says it makes me look Hispanic. Which I get more often now since moving to Texas. Ya. I have nothing against it, its just that I'm NOT and its frustrating when people assume I am.
But here I am in all my new hair-do goodness. Hope y'all like it. And if you don't, TOUGH! Cuz I didn't do it for you.


Nini said...

Finally I get to see there hair! I like it!!! I don't think you look more Asian now....or hispanic... kind of like a mix...though if I were to guess your ethnicity I would say Filipino (sp). Who cares girl, I like the do its hot on you and that's all that matters!

Cristina said...

As a Latina I can definitely say - it makes you look Hispanic. Enjoy Texas - I went to school there and lived there for 5 years. Yee-haw!

Thanks for stopping by!