Friday, January 7, 2011


If you read my other blog you know that I've been without a computer AND internet since Monday night. Well if you don't read my other blog, then duh I just told you.
I re-added the "FOLLOW" button onto my blog, though I have no idea how or when it was FOLLOW me bitches! And tell your friends! Seriously...tell your friends :)
So I missed out on Make-up Monday with Steph and didn't get to link up (BOOOOO). I did love reading about everyone's fave products. So here are no particualr order...
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I haven't been using this for very long but I love it. I wash my face with this EVERY morning. It leaves a nice cooling tingle on your skin too. And chamomile is recommended for tension. Just a nice thing to do for your face.

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Ah yes. Like Napoleon Dynamite, I too need my chap stick. Especially now with the weather being all cold and windy and ish. I keep one in my purse, one in my makeup bag (in my purse), one on my desk at work, one in my car, one one my night stand, and one on the bathroom counter. Obsessed much?! YES! I wear it year round because its contains SPF too. And if I'm lazy, I put on some lip liner, put on some chap stick and use a lip brush to "blend" the lip liner. Awesome. Perfect color...just right :)
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Now I don't have this exact MAC retractable lip brush. I actually have the 117 which they do not make anymore. The above is the 318. LOVE this brush!!!

Since I'm just began my love affair with make-up again, you can bet I'll definitely be adding to my list of faves :)


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