Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oh Hello Kitty!

*this is by DROOL*

*so I have no idea where I found this so if you know, holla at ya girl so I can give credit*

I LOVE LOVE Hello Kitty can you tell?! And I totally NEED these shoes. Like really need them. Like life or death, need them. :)


Rockin' Mama said...

I'm not a hello kitty fan, but those are hot!

Nini said...

I love the top one with the rhinestones!!! So hot and playful!!

JamericanSpice said...

oooh I love those too! And I am loving on the kitty too but gosh they are so expensive!

Marcy said...

Those heels are so cute!!


Shareena said...

Oh Hello Kitty heels! Too cute to wear it!!!

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Have a nice day and keep posting!!