Thursday, June 23, 2011

I see you baby...shakin that a$$

So I haven't posted any of my workouts in a long ass time. I did fall off the wagon again a couple months ago but did pick myself back up. There's just so many things that were going for the kids, and rugby for Big Daddy. All that has definitely changed and I'm proud to report that I am now teaching hula and tahitian. Well assisting teaching hula and tahitian. I've danced hula since I learned to walk. But of course since moving to the states, had very little opportunity to. A friend of mine here in Austin started a halau (hula school/group) and asked me to help her and teach hula/tahitian classes as well. The group itself will contain contract dancers that will actually perform at events. WE already have 2 definite shows, but will not leak the deets just yet. So starting back in May, 3 days a week, 2 hour long classes each day, I have been shaking my hips. Shaking so much that OMG I am starting to loose that baby "pouch" that BamBam left me 3 years ago :) I swear my legs are getting more and more toned as the weeks go by.
I also have plans to get more of an "exercise hula/tahitian routine" together to try and get it into one of the local fitness clubs out here for like a group workout class. I'll update when I can solidify the plans more. But until then, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I, along with 20 other ladies, will be swaying and shaking.
I plan to post some vids of our practices too.

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