Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back from the dead

Towards the end of the week last week, BamBam brought home a bug. and that bug decided it wanted to take over my body. So I have been hot/warm/hot/warm, chills, throwing up, head aches, and body aches since last Friday up until about mid day yesterday (Tuesday). I felt weak all weekend because I couldn't eat anything but drink alka seltzer and water. I feel great today but I know I cannot start back Insanity until I am a 100% or else I could make myself sick again. I ate lunch yesterday, but that was the only thing that I ate. Hopefully my appetite will return back to normal by tomorrow so I can start back working out.
Boy have I changed! I never thought I would ever be like that-->can't wait to start working out again. Big Daddy is like that, but never me lol. I mean I enjoy it a lot because its fun but now I feel like I NEED it. My day feels off not working out. Good stuff, good stuff.

OMG and when did I become so addicted to make up? ;-)
Since I felt better last night I totally just played make up. Yup all by my lonesome. At like mid-night too lol. I was trying to "re-create looks" that I've seen on other blogs or on youtube. Had tons of freaking my closet. Ya Big Daddy was asleep and I didn't want to wake him up. Wish I had better light. Oh well. I'm going to try one new look like every week or 2. Tee-hee! I'm such a girl!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Insanity - week 3

Its been a busy priority gone haywire kind of week for me. Week far has been really hard for me. Not the workouts being hard but the finding time to workout. I've taken on a couple extra things with work so my days of working out every morning before work has changed. I am now working out after dinner.

Fit test was scheduled for Monday but I thought it was Tuesday so did my Tuesday workout but really it was Monday. LMAO. Did y'all get that? THAT'S how my mind has been this week. So I did my fit test on Tuesday and am extremely proud of my results:

Man those globe jumps are a killer! each "one" is four jumps total! You know I thought it would be easier this second time, but eff that! It was just as hard as the first. I think I sweated even more this time.

My wrists, I think, have gotten a lot stronger. Push ups are not hurting my wrists anymore. I think my arms hate me, but that'll soon pass too.
When I started Insanity, weirdly enough, I was having a hard time sleeping at night. I think it was because my body was just not used to the changes. I can say that this week my only complaint as far as sleep goes, I am sleeping later. I think its because I am now working out at night and my body has to "calm down" before actually going to sleep. Hopefully this too shall pass. But I am sleeping a little better. I don't wake up very often like I used to.
I stepped on the scale and lost maybe 3 pounds...ONLY 3 POUNDS?! I WAS upset until Big Daddy told me that my weight has been distributed to different parts of my muscles are heavier. Whew. But doesn't that sound like a load of bull? Just sayin...
Boy oh boy am I horny all the time lol. Which sucks this week since I started.

Lots of changes again this week. I believe its awesome progress. Tonight its my fave work out: cardio recovery. I'll be pairing it with cardio abs as well. See ya next week :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Makeup Monday (a personal review)

So I've always wanted to link up with Babes Mami but just never got around to it. But I just could NOT pass up today.What makes today so special? Weeelllllll...I got new makeup last week. And not just some random trip to CVS type of makeup that I just picked up because I figured it would be cool. But something that I have been lusting since I saw someone mention it in a review. Yes...LUSTING.

Anyways...The reviewer said it was very light-weight and the consistency of like a chocolate mousse. With how hot it gets here in Texas, I figured this may be perfect! It retails for like $15+. I really love mineral foundation but wanted to try this BUT it costs $15+. Last time I spent that much on any type of foundation, I was spinning on poles. On a grocery trip to HEB on Saturday I decided to walk through the make up aisle. OH BABY! There were yellow coupons EVERYWHERE! (Texans KNOW what I'm talking about lol) I won't go into the details of my splurging except that I FINALLY was able to get the magic souffle for $3 off.

I got to use it this morning and OH EM GEE! It was light and airy and went on soooooo easily. I applied it with a foundation brush but could have easily applied it with my fingers too. And you absolutely don't need a lot. I probably used just as much as I would if I were swatching it on my hand.
It really is very light-weight and the coverage is great. My face looked very smooth, and I only applied a translucent powder over to finish it. Before actually picking up "my" color I googled "picking out the right color for Loreal magic souffle" because there were no testers out. Lots of people said that the color in the jar is darker than what it actually ends up like on your face. My face is pretty tanned so I chose classic tan and it is perfect!
Sorry but forgot to take pictures of my face. Maybe later this week.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I want a pole for my room now :)

LOVE this song right now. Well mostly just today. Makes me want to put up a pole in my bedroom.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Insanity - Week 2

Whoa. But in a good way :)
We're doing the same stuff as last week I think but just on different days. I don't see any noticeable changes but that's only because I look at myself everyday LOL. I also forgot to take a "before" picture too. Ugh. I'll try & remember to take one tomorrow & do it every fit test day (every other week).
As the days go on, my body is nearly not as sore. I still feel tight in the mornings but that subsides as soon as I get moving around.
I'm not getting as winded as quickly & am learning quickly how to keep my breathing steady.
I have weak wrists and could barely knock out 10 push ups. Now I can get through 10 without my wrists hurting during or after.
Of course my appetite has increased. I've been good about drinking my protein shake no more than 30 min after my workout. I don't like milk so last week I had to really force myself to drink it. Now it's no problem. (Milk still grosses me out though lol & will ONLY drink it for my shake)
Now all I have to do is eat better....
Trust me easier said than done - I had a gooey yummy chimichanga for lunch today with rice. And beans. At least I had water with it ;)

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 4 - cardio recovery

I think I'm going to enjoy Thursdays. Yesterday was cardio recovery. All it was was stretching and breathing. Basically it was yoga but Insanity style lol. The term feel the burn...ya I FELT the burn. But let me tell ya, it was such a good burn. Especially after those first couple days of high cardio, my muscles were screaming thank you for the break.
We have hard wood floors, but only one yoga mat right now (long, funny story that I may tell later...on my other blog though). So Big Daddy worked out yesterday morning and I did my workout last night. He said he had a hard time mostly because he is not really flexible, but knows the more he does this recovery, the more flexible he will become. A couple months ago I actually started doing yoga so my body really enjoyed it. There was this one move where you start on all fours, but then lift your knees off the ground about 3 inches, keeping your toes on the ground. you bring one leg behind you like a donkey kick, but instead of your leg being bent its straight out, and you pulse the leg up. WOW. That was a super awesome move! I swear all the muscles in my body were completely engaged and I was sweating.
Today my muscles just feel sooooooo good. No tightness or stiffness. Nothing feels sore. Pure awesomeness...that is until tonight.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bring on the sweat!

Big Daddy and I have decided to go through a round of Insanity...together. Yes that's right...together. LOL. I'm not sure how well this is going to go. We started on Monday. Yes, 4th of July. The fit test was hard! It took a lot out of us. Especially seeing as how Sunday night we had dinner at a friends and drank some 10yr old whiskey :) until midnight. Yesterday was day 2 - plyometric cardio circuit. 2 words...god damn! Today, day 3, we decided to make our "off" day since we play softball with my company tonight. My calves are sore! VERY SORE! My thighs hurt more yesterday than today. I don't know how I'm going to make it through softball tonight. But like they pain, no gain. And I intend to gain that sexy body!
I am pretty excited that we will be working out together. Big Daddy is really a great motivator. I've seen how he works out and admire how when it hurts, he pushes through even harder. And seriously...who can resist a set of muscles/abs on a sexy man, glistening? Not me.
I am going to post a picture of me tonight so I can have something to compare to in 2 weeks when we do the fit test again.
Until later dolls....keep on sweating!