Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 4 - cardio recovery

I think I'm going to enjoy Thursdays. Yesterday was cardio recovery. All it was was stretching and breathing. Basically it was yoga but Insanity style lol. The term feel the burn...ya I FELT the burn. But let me tell ya, it was such a good burn. Especially after those first couple days of high cardio, my muscles were screaming thank you for the break.
We have hard wood floors, but only one yoga mat right now (long, funny story that I may tell later...on my other blog though). So Big Daddy worked out yesterday morning and I did my workout last night. He said he had a hard time mostly because he is not really flexible, but knows the more he does this recovery, the more flexible he will become. A couple months ago I actually started doing yoga so my body really enjoyed it. There was this one move where you start on all fours, but then lift your knees off the ground about 3 inches, keeping your toes on the ground. you bring one leg behind you like a donkey kick, but instead of your leg being bent its straight out, and you pulse the leg up. WOW. That was a super awesome move! I swear all the muscles in my body were completely engaged and I was sweating.
Today my muscles just feel sooooooo good. No tightness or stiffness. Nothing feels sore. Pure awesomeness...that is until tonight.

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