Monday, July 11, 2011

Insanity - Week 2

Whoa. But in a good way :)
We're doing the same stuff as last week I think but just on different days. I don't see any noticeable changes but that's only because I look at myself everyday LOL. I also forgot to take a "before" picture too. Ugh. I'll try & remember to take one tomorrow & do it every fit test day (every other week).
As the days go on, my body is nearly not as sore. I still feel tight in the mornings but that subsides as soon as I get moving around.
I'm not getting as winded as quickly & am learning quickly how to keep my breathing steady.
I have weak wrists and could barely knock out 10 push ups. Now I can get through 10 without my wrists hurting during or after.
Of course my appetite has increased. I've been good about drinking my protein shake no more than 30 min after my workout. I don't like milk so last week I had to really force myself to drink it. Now it's no problem. (Milk still grosses me out though lol & will ONLY drink it for my shake)
Now all I have to do is eat better....
Trust me easier said than done - I had a gooey yummy chimichanga for lunch today with rice. And beans. At least I had water with it ;)

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