Thursday, July 21, 2011

Insanity - week 3

Its been a busy priority gone haywire kind of week for me. Week far has been really hard for me. Not the workouts being hard but the finding time to workout. I've taken on a couple extra things with work so my days of working out every morning before work has changed. I am now working out after dinner.

Fit test was scheduled for Monday but I thought it was Tuesday so did my Tuesday workout but really it was Monday. LMAO. Did y'all get that? THAT'S how my mind has been this week. So I did my fit test on Tuesday and am extremely proud of my results:

Man those globe jumps are a killer! each "one" is four jumps total! You know I thought it would be easier this second time, but eff that! It was just as hard as the first. I think I sweated even more this time.

My wrists, I think, have gotten a lot stronger. Push ups are not hurting my wrists anymore. I think my arms hate me, but that'll soon pass too.
When I started Insanity, weirdly enough, I was having a hard time sleeping at night. I think it was because my body was just not used to the changes. I can say that this week my only complaint as far as sleep goes, I am sleeping later. I think its because I am now working out at night and my body has to "calm down" before actually going to sleep. Hopefully this too shall pass. But I am sleeping a little better. I don't wake up very often like I used to.
I stepped on the scale and lost maybe 3 pounds...ONLY 3 POUNDS?! I WAS upset until Big Daddy told me that my weight has been distributed to different parts of my muscles are heavier. Whew. But doesn't that sound like a load of bull? Just sayin...
Boy oh boy am I horny all the time lol. Which sucks this week since I started.

Lots of changes again this week. I believe its awesome progress. Tonight its my fave work out: cardio recovery. I'll be pairing it with cardio abs as well. See ya next week :)

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