Monday, July 18, 2011

Makeup Monday (a personal review)

So I've always wanted to link up with Babes Mami but just never got around to it. But I just could NOT pass up today.What makes today so special? Weeelllllll...I got new makeup last week. And not just some random trip to CVS type of makeup that I just picked up because I figured it would be cool. But something that I have been lusting since I saw someone mention it in a review. Yes...LUSTING.

Anyways...The reviewer said it was very light-weight and the consistency of like a chocolate mousse. With how hot it gets here in Texas, I figured this may be perfect! It retails for like $15+. I really love mineral foundation but wanted to try this BUT it costs $15+. Last time I spent that much on any type of foundation, I was spinning on poles. On a grocery trip to HEB on Saturday I decided to walk through the make up aisle. OH BABY! There were yellow coupons EVERYWHERE! (Texans KNOW what I'm talking about lol) I won't go into the details of my splurging except that I FINALLY was able to get the magic souffle for $3 off.

I got to use it this morning and OH EM GEE! It was light and airy and went on soooooo easily. I applied it with a foundation brush but could have easily applied it with my fingers too. And you absolutely don't need a lot. I probably used just as much as I would if I were swatching it on my hand.
It really is very light-weight and the coverage is great. My face looked very smooth, and I only applied a translucent powder over to finish it. Before actually picking up "my" color I googled "picking out the right color for Loreal magic souffle" because there were no testers out. Lots of people said that the color in the jar is darker than what it actually ends up like on your face. My face is pretty tanned so I chose classic tan and it is perfect!
Sorry but forgot to take pictures of my face. Maybe later this week.

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Nini said...

You know I saw a review on Youtube where someone mentioned this. I'm gonna have to pick some up.