Friday, August 26, 2011

boot season? not yet...


I don't remember what site I got this from. If you know, please tell me

HOW FREAKING CUTE! And I don't like pink like that. Yes fall is coming. Yes boots are cute for fall. But its still 100+ degrees here in Austin. So I will be wearing these with a little mini skirt and a cute white blouse. Oh I actually don't own these...yet. But I have plans to purchase these soon. 

The skinny on ME wanting to be skinny

Earlier this week, Tuesday in fact, one of Big Daddy's best friends told me that I lost a lot of weight. We went swimming at the pool and when we got out to dry off and leave is when he said it. I gave high fives all around LOL. In response I proudly said, "yup 9 almost 10 pounds." I was beaming! Big Daddy had a smile on his face too, like a proud husband should. Except wait...were they saying I was fat?! Eh, wtf-ever. I admit, I was on the chubby, jiggly side since summer started. Well anyways, last night the dudes and I went to one of my friend's houses for dinner with her and her kids. Well we're getting ready for dinner and her youngest daughter comes up to me and gives me a hug and goes, "wow you're sooo skinny now." You know I smiled from ear to ear.

Before doing Insanity I wasn't fat. I was more like skinny fat. I had belly flab/love handles (stretched skin from my last 2 pregnancies), my thighs were jiggly and rubbed when I walked. I am a very petite girl. VERY. I'm only 4 ft 7. So being short and chubby was not going to cut it. I want to wear shorts and jeans without the flab coming up over the top. I like working out, but the only way to get rid of the flab was to do more cardio. Big Daddy suggested running. "Running will definitely get rid of the extra" is what he said. But I don't like running. I honestly find it pointless. That's a whole nother (LOL) discussion right there! So we decided to do Insanity...together. And it definitely paid off!

I WANT to be skinny. I WANT to be sexy. I don't think that skinny = sexy by any means. I just want to be skinny. I don't have a recent after picture, but here is my before (I believe this was taken like the beginning of the 2nd week of about a month and a half ago)...
See that belly pouch...pooch...whatever its disgusting. I don't want to be Kate Moss model skinny. Just skinny. I love my legs and want them to be more toned. (P.S. please don't mind the socks, I couldn't find any workout socks) I honestly would love to get my high school cheerleading body back. Yup there it is. I want that body back. And the good thing is that I can get that body back. I've come a long way. Up and down with working out and now finally back to consistency. I'm even eating "better." (That's code for not eating everything in site anymore)

Most people work out to just be healthy. I can honestly say my reasons are pretty vain. I wanna be bikini ready all year long. I want to get out the shower and my husband just attack me. I want to look like "damn she looks good for having 4 children" good. I want to have the body that other women wish they had. I want to be curvy skinny...meaning I don't want my hips to go away or my booty either ;) I can and will add boobs later on down the road.

But goals are not your goals. YOU know what you want from your workouts. If you want to be vain too, go right ahead. Do you. Don't let anyone else tell you that your views on what you want to be or look like are wrong or dumb. Workout for yourself first and foremost. Whether its for health reasons or not work out for YOU.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's ok to cheat sometimes

In the food department of course :)
I like food. A lot. Like I really love food. Take my tweet this morning:

See? I call these my inner fat kid tweets. Where all I can think about is the not good for me stuff.
I have been pretty good about what I am eating though. My snacking has gone from that of a teenage boy to cherry tomatoes, hummus and pita, and even carrot and celery sticks. Man I feel like a grown up. But of course every now and then, like this morning for example I want junk. So you know what? I ate junk. Why kill myself wanting something. I didn't get Starbucks or that greasy yummy breakfast taco. I went for the big guns...M&Ms baby! I think I ate a handful and felt like a kid again. I ate a couple more and just sat in chocolate heaven. Junk food craving fixed.
So the point you ask? Do NOT deprive yourself. If you want to eat something that goes against your "diet" or good eating habits, just do it. One time. Its ok to step away and cheat. Just remember to not over indulge. And NEVER punish yourself for those M&Ms or a doughnut or a caramel frap. Just one. I let myself cheat at least once a week without guilt.

Do you allow yourself to cheat? If so, whats your most favorite cheat?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Allergies can't stop me! (Friday fit tip)

We are in the middle of a drought here and the allergens are out! Grass and elm have been at a 5% percent here. Sucks because we are such an outdoor family. Well with my allergies kicking my butt, Big Daddy suggested that I skip my cardio work outs yesterday and today ntil my body is at a 100% again. That way I don't actually make myself sick. So instead of jumping and running and doing drills I will be doing some basic yoga. Nothing too aggressive. Just basically a warm up to keep my muscles active without too much activity. I found this video this morning. Its a basic warm up for detox and stress relief. remember to always remember your breathing.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Insanity + NTC

First some good news...
I stepped on the scale I think it was Tuesday and was pleasantly impressed. I lost about 9 pounds! It was a great feeling. I know it could be more. I know I need to start eating cleaner and I would be set. Big Daddy and I are going to try. TRY. I can't make any promises. But thank goodness he's going to eat cleaner with me. It makes it a little easier.
This week I have been alternating my Insanity max work outs with Nike Training Club work outs. It has been HECTIC. But I am enjoying it. Insanity has gotten more challenging. It feels like day 1 all over again.  I thought I sweat before but god damn! LOL.
Nike Training Club. If you still haven't downloaded the app you NEED to.  Its great for those who don't have a lot of time. There are four "types" of work outs and in each type the work outs are broken up into beginner, intermediate and advanced. Trust me its awesome and geared FOR WOMEN!
I may not be eating as well as I would like but I do know that I am definitely NOT over eating. I eat like 5-6 small meals a day. My snacking has gotten so much better. I now snack on cheese sticks, cherry tomatoes, and granola instead of m&ms or chips. I do allow myself to satisfy a craving but I never over do it. Like pizza...mmmmmm. Its my fave food ever! But I know its not good for me. But yesterday I swear it was calling my name! Oh that cheesey goodness. One slice and I was in heaven! Cravings in moderation. :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Oh what a difference 1 week makes

So that week I was sick...WOW. All I thought about was working out. I started back working out last Monday. It was core cardio & recovery week for Insanity. PERFECT. I don't think I would have been able to jump around like I had been before getting sick. I thought I was going to experience sore muscles but didn't. I did a lot of stretching too. It was hot all last week and so we spent a lot of time at a friend's pool. GREAT way to relax muscles.
I did not wake up early this morning to start back to full Insanity so I will be doing it tonight. pray for me LOL

Have you ever heard of suitcases? No, not the luggage kind. But the exercise kind. why its called suitcases is beyond me, but I promise it is FANTASTIC! I may (or may not) have mentioned. That I downloaded an app for my iPhone called Nike Training Center. Its a workout app for women with TONS of workouts!! I downloaded this awhile back for when I get bored with my regular workout routine. Anyhoo...suitcases. Ya...WOW. I did this 2 times last week with core cardio & recovery and all I can say is wow. I hope you enjoy it too...and yes...Hope Solo :)