Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's ok to cheat sometimes

In the food department of course :)
I like food. A lot. Like I really love food. Take my tweet this morning:

See? I call these my inner fat kid tweets. Where all I can think about is the not good for me stuff.
I have been pretty good about what I am eating though. My snacking has gone from that of a teenage boy to cherry tomatoes, hummus and pita, and even carrot and celery sticks. Man I feel like a grown up. But of course every now and then, like this morning for example I want junk. So you know what? I ate junk. Why kill myself wanting something. I didn't get Starbucks or that greasy yummy breakfast taco. I went for the big guns...M&Ms baby! I think I ate a handful and felt like a kid again. I ate a couple more and just sat in chocolate heaven. Junk food craving fixed.
So the point you ask? Do NOT deprive yourself. If you want to eat something that goes against your "diet" or good eating habits, just do it. One time. Its ok to step away and cheat. Just remember to not over indulge. And NEVER punish yourself for those M&Ms or a doughnut or a caramel frap. Just one. I let myself cheat at least once a week without guilt.

Do you allow yourself to cheat? If so, whats your most favorite cheat?


Fresh Mommy said...

Oh girl, totally been there!! What's weird is it seems like my snack cravings change every time!! Haha, but chocolate is always a favorite :)


Mrs. Pancakes said...

This is an awesome post! i do allow myself to cheat but right now i am not disciplined enough not to cheat all the time so i don't!