Monday, August 8, 2011

Oh what a difference 1 week makes

So that week I was sick...WOW. All I thought about was working out. I started back working out last Monday. It was core cardio & recovery week for Insanity. PERFECT. I don't think I would have been able to jump around like I had been before getting sick. I thought I was going to experience sore muscles but didn't. I did a lot of stretching too. It was hot all last week and so we spent a lot of time at a friend's pool. GREAT way to relax muscles.
I did not wake up early this morning to start back to full Insanity so I will be doing it tonight. pray for me LOL

Have you ever heard of suitcases? No, not the luggage kind. But the exercise kind. why its called suitcases is beyond me, but I promise it is FANTASTIC! I may (or may not) have mentioned. That I downloaded an app for my iPhone called Nike Training Center. Its a workout app for women with TONS of workouts!! I downloaded this awhile back for when I get bored with my regular workout routine. Anyhoo...suitcases. Ya...WOW. I did this 2 times last week with core cardio & recovery and all I can say is wow. I hope you enjoy it too...and yes...Hope Solo :)

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amy@agoodlife said...

definitely checking out that nike ap! sounds awesome.