Sunday, October 23, 2011

No excuses

Its Sunday and I am on day 6 = 13 burpees! If you don't remember, I started with 8 burpees. I am at a point where I wanna "show off" so I've added 1 push up and jump at the end of my last burpee. I am very proud of myself. Something so simple can easily be forgotten, but not this time. I have set up an alarm on my phone to go off everyday at the same time. No excuses.

I still am writing what I eat everyday. I had to stop blogging it because everytime I did a post, I would get an email saying that it "was removed for suspicious content." Anyone else ever had that happen? Anyways...I will try posting again. I have been "writing" what I eat on my ical. I'm on my laptop everyday for work so there is no way that I should forget. Its starting to come like second, write, eat, write. No excuses.

I have been waking up early every morning now for about a week. I want to start walking the dog and eventually run with the dog every morning. So I had to "get ready"LOL. Waking up early has never been a problem for me. Especially since I wake up early to get the dudes' stuff ready for school and of course make them breakfast. I figure if I wake up an hour earlier than I normally do, I can take the dog out, shower, and enjoy some "me" time before waking up the dudes for breakfast. Everybody needs "me" time. No excuses.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Burpee challenge

*first I would like to start off by saying that my post from Friday night which included what I ate on Thursday and Friday was "removed because of suspicious content." What the eff right?!*

I found out about an awesome fitness challenge on twitter yesterday: the 30 day burpee challenge. You know I'm always looking for interesting work out so I am giving this a try. The gist is, depending on your fitness level, you do a certain amount of burpees on day 1. Each day after that, for 30 days, you increase that number by one. So if you're a beginner, beginner, day 1 you do 1, day 2 you do 2...and so on and so on. You can read more about it here.
According to the post, I fall into the intermediate level so today, day 1, I started with 8 burpees. Got my heart beating and everything. Felt good.
Will you join me? I think you should.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I'm hungry...

I know why I work out as much as I do and just today in fact I voiced that reason out loud to a bunch of people and was met with the OMG face. I've said before and I say it again...I like food. I LOVE food. I workout as hard and as often as I do because I like to eat. If I eat "cleaner" I have the ability to become that nice "skinny" that I love. But damnit its hard! I've been writing down what I eat for 4 days now and sheesh...I really do eat like to eat whatever. Over the weekend I'm going to re-do how I shop for groceries and start buying more clean as well. Wish me luck.

10/11/11 - Tuesday
Breakfast: garlic bagel with sun dried tomato cream cheese, water
Snack: handful of M&Ms
Lunch: slice of Home slice pizza (no sauce, cheese, tomatoes and basil), water to drink
Snack: chips, water
Dinner: Tostino's pizza, water
Snack: none

10/12/11 - Wednesday
Breakfast: onion bagel with butter, water
Snack: none
Lunch: leftover pizza from yesterday (same kind), water
Snack: none
Dinner: pasta with garlic, mushroom and butter sauce, class of champagne
(Boy did I feel oh so fancy LOL)
Snack: none

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


In 5 months a very good friend of mine is getting married. She made a commitment to herself to lose weight and she is doing absolutely great. She signed up at a local gym and everything making fitness a priority in her life. She has made several comments to me on how I am a great friend and workout motivator and I just love her even more. You can't do it alone. I told her I would be her support system :-).
Yesterday she tells me that she is starting weight watchers again, which got me thinking. I really should be writing down what I eat and actually sticking to writing it down. I workout a ton and say I'm trying to eat healthier, but really I don't think I'm trying hard enough. It's so easy for me to forget to make healthier choices.I will choose a greasy hamburger or fried chicken over anything healthy really. I want to eat healthier. So to hold myself accountable, I am going to document what I eat here on my blog instead of just a notebook. I think that if I continuously SEE what I am eating, then maybe it will make me choose healthier options.

10/10/11: Monday
Breakfast: maple & brown sugar oatmeal (1 packet), water
Snack: 5 pretzels, water
Lunch: leftovers from Sunday night (BBQ riblets, mac & cheese with peas), water to drink
Snack: handful of peanut m&ms, water
Dinner: ramen noodles with hot sauce added, water to drink
Snack: no pre-bedtime snack

I will post what I ate today tomorrow. Here's to healthier eating choices :)