Thursday, October 13, 2011

I'm hungry...

I know why I work out as much as I do and just today in fact I voiced that reason out loud to a bunch of people and was met with the OMG face. I've said before and I say it again...I like food. I LOVE food. I workout as hard and as often as I do because I like to eat. If I eat "cleaner" I have the ability to become that nice "skinny" that I love. But damnit its hard! I've been writing down what I eat for 4 days now and sheesh...I really do eat like to eat whatever. Over the weekend I'm going to re-do how I shop for groceries and start buying more clean as well. Wish me luck.

10/11/11 - Tuesday
Breakfast: garlic bagel with sun dried tomato cream cheese, water
Snack: handful of M&Ms
Lunch: slice of Home slice pizza (no sauce, cheese, tomatoes and basil), water to drink
Snack: chips, water
Dinner: Tostino's pizza, water
Snack: none

10/12/11 - Wednesday
Breakfast: onion bagel with butter, water
Snack: none
Lunch: leftover pizza from yesterday (same kind), water
Snack: none
Dinner: pasta with garlic, mushroom and butter sauce, class of champagne
(Boy did I feel oh so fancy LOL)
Snack: none

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