Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Soft, gorgeous skin

The other day at work, a lady I work with complimented me on my "soft, gorgeous skin." Now she didn't actually touch me. She said she could tell it was soft just by looking at me.
There is one word when it comes to the weather here in central Texas...DRY. No matter if its cold or hot its DRY. Mix that dry, cold weather with some wind, a clear sunny sky, and hard water and what you get is DRY ASS SKIN! I see all these lotions claiming to seal in moisture, but I don't like how thick they are, and it takes forever to rub it in. Sheesh I don't got time for's getting cooler which means any extra time I'm not spending with the dudes and getting them settled for the night is time I need to be curled up with Big Daddy.
My secret to my soft skin? It's non other than Johnson's baby oil with aloe and vitamin e. That's it. Nothing more. It absorbs into my skin quickly too. I shower at night and put in on as soon as I get out. Well, I don't completely towel dry...I pat my skin down first, then I apply the oil all over my body (except for my face - I have combo skin, which oddly enough, seems to get more oily in the winter). I love the way I feel when I slide into bed after.
Got the dry skin blues? Try some baby oil and let me know what you think!

P.S. baby oil is a great to remove make up too

*I was not contacted by Johnson's or any affiliate working with or for them. This is my own experience with the product that I wanted to share*

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Yonka said...

who have no interest to have a Soft gorgeous skin but to get that what we have to do ,do you know ,its very simple don't use any chemical induced lotions and keep faith on the natural product and be bindas and stay always with a cool mind then you will have no doubt......