Monday, December 12, 2011

Accountability meet my planner

To stay on top of my workouts, I started writing them down in my planner. Yes I have an iPhone with a calendar app and yes I do have an app where I can schedule my workouts as well. But I've done that and it just does not work out for me. I would ALWAYS ignore my alerts of when my workout was supposed to start. I'm one of those free spirits that works out whenever I want. I can't be handcuffed to time. And because of that reason, I have actually missed workouts. Actually I would still workout, doing something random instead of what I actually planned.
No more. I look at my actual "book" planner at least 5 times a day and I write in it just as much. Such a better place to schedule my workouts.
As y'all already know I get pretty bored with workouts pretty fast. I've been researching new workouts I want to try and writing them in my planner. I also love doing "challenges" so those get put in my planner as well. No more boredom because I'll be changing it up quite often. And writing them in planner means I won't forget about more wondering what I'm going to do next.
I'm in the process of "cleaning it up" but I will post a picture of what my planner actually looks like in case anyone wants to try my method.

How do you hold yourself accountable? Do you schedule your workouts in advance?

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