Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Body Rockin into 2012

It's time for another work out. I am bored and want to be challenged. Through the power of twitter a friend of mine here in the ATX (@melruns) challenged me to this:
One word...well actually 2...HOLY SHIT! Where has this treasure of a blog been hiding? How did I not know about this MOST FANTASTIC website EVER?! This is exactly what I've been searching for. And yes, 550 reps. You did read that right. Best thing? NO equipment. Just you and your body. This little "challenge" is most definitely challenging, but in the best way possible. I always believed I pushed myself when I worked out, but doing this specific workout, WOW. I sweated like crazy and felt like I would never be able to catch my breath. At the end I was shaky all over and thought I was just going to pass out! This is a timed workout. The girl demonstrating each of the moves did it in like 23 minutes! Me? First time I took about 55 minutes. My goal is to only take 23 minutes like she did. BIG shoes to fill. BIG!
Here are the 11 exercises that are performed and timed:

  • BACKWARD LUNGE KICK UP25 reps on each leg
  • WALK OVER PUSH UP50 reps
  • ONE LEG BRIDGE LEG LIFT25 reps on each leg
  • ONE ARM TRICEP PUSH UP25 reps on each arm
  • STAR CRUNCH50 reps
  • DIAGONAL TOUCH DOWN25 reps on each side
  • SIDE PLANK LIFT25 reps on each side
  • ONE LEG WALL SIT25 reps on each leg

Check out Body Rock TV for more awesome workouts! I will be doing these workouts for awhile so if you decide to as well, let me know. We can push each other!

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Shareena said...

good luck! I'm too trying to lose weight..and bodyrock workout is really challenging... :) good luck for both of us! :)