Monday, January 23, 2012

Beauty goodies

Towards the end of the year last year (like November and December) I bought a bunch of stuff from CVS. Not a whole lot, but I did take advantage of the 75% off sale.
(I don't remember what each item exactly cost, but it was no more than $3.00 - $4.00)

The bamboo compact was empty. I've been looking for this for a long time! I had a powder that did not have a home because it was sold out in a lot of places. FINALLY found the compact but have already run out of the powder...go figure.
The nail polish...AWESOME! It actually helped my nails. I usually wear acrylic or gel nails but have been bare for a couple months now to let them breathe. This nail polish I swear made my nails seem so much stronger.
The mineral powder is translucent with a bit of shimmer. Its great for setting my matte Loreal magic souffle foundation. Only problem I have is that it does kind of get everywhere (the powder beads just sit loosely at the bottom of the compact). It came with a powder puff thingy and this "brush." I don't use either. I use a small kabuki or the bambuki.
The pressed powder is also translucent. Its matte and I use it to "finish" my face before going out at night. It definitely keeps my face from looking oily. I have to use this sparingly because it did seem to whiten my face the first time I used it. Now I am more careful, and don't use so much.
I LOVE the bambuki brush! Its big and fluffy. The first time I used it was right out if the package and it was kinda rough. I washed it and its been soft ever since. I sometimes use this to apply the translucent mineral powder. I am on the hunt for another powder, and will definitely use this brush to apply it.

See not very much, but all GREAT stuff that I totally use all the time. Did you get anything from the CVS 75% off sale? If you did, what did you get?

*all the products above I bought myself, with my own money...all opinions are my own*

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Baby Making Mama said...

What the heck? How did I miss this? Was everything 75% off? I totally coulda stocked up on some pregnancy tests! haha. My paranoia usually drives me to buy those there.

Loos like you got some fabulous stuff! That bamboo compact looks really cool.

Great deals!