Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 5 week three - six pack abs -600 rep challenge (makeup)

The workout: Glory to the booty: 600 rep challenge (timed)

100 high knee skips
100 lunge kicks (50 each leg) using sandbag (used 10 lb dumbbell)
100 high knee skips
100 squats using sandbag (used 10 lb dumbbell)
100 high knee skips
25 straight abs
25 v abs left
25 v abs right
25 bicycle abs

Holy mother of quadriceps! Mine are tight. But bring it! My inner thighs is a part of my body I feel I need to work on more so bring it.
I thought I was gonna get a break doing the ab stuff...nope. Burn baby burn.
My time for this was 26:19.5

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 4 week three - Lean muscle fast (makeup)

*picking up where I left off. I am about 2 days behind*

The workout: 300 rep challenge: 10 reps per exercise for 5 rounds

1. push ups using equalizer (modified: done on floor)
2. side lunge step using sandbag right (used 20 lb kettle bell & stool)
3. side lunge step using sandbag (used 20 lb kettle bell & stool)
4. step over squats using equalizer (used 2 stools)
5. step up kick out left leg using sandbag (used 20 lb kettle bell)
6. step up kick out right leg using sandbag (used 20 lb kettle bell)

I was pouring sweat. I had to wipe the stools and the kettle bell dry. It looked like I hade gotten out of the shower by the time I was done. I pushed myself hard tonight...HARD. Everything was shaking...arms, legs, abs. 

Mirror check-->
I don't weigh myself. I haven't weighed myself in a month. And I don't plan on weighing myself anytime soon either. Well maybe when this challenge is over...maybe. I would have nothing to compare it to though, so meh. I feel different. My clothes fit differently. I look in the mirror and I see changes. Not big OMG I lost 10 pound changes, but changes. I see things I still need to work on. I see me, but a different me. I see a stronger me for sure. And I see a happier me.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 3 week three - Turn up the music (makeup)

Last Thursday I was feeling "off" at work. By the time I got home from work that afternoon, I totally wasn't feeling good. Went to bed early and woke up Friday and thats when it hit me. Long story short...I haven't worked out since last Wednesday night. I took it easy all weekend and this morning when I woke up I felt refreshed...sorta. LOL. I did feel like working out so I did. I picked up where I left off...

The workout: Why stop now? intermediate workout: 50/10, 2 x through

1. walking push up & tuck jump 
2. 3 way plank jump & clean & press using UGI (used kettle bell)
3. low jack & v split abs using dip station (modified: tricep dips and knee tucks on chair)
4. superman push up using equalizer (used stool)
5. stand up & jump abs using sandbag (used dumbbell)
6. sumo knees & half burpee using sandbag (used kettle bell)

Ab bonus: 50/10
- tuck abs -out & raise arms 10
- reverse crunch - diamond legs 15
- touch toes - L&R alternate 14

I did take it easy since I had just gotten over feeling like crap, but at the same time I did push as hard as I could. I was very proud of myself for my walking push ups and my supermans because my wrists didn't hurt at all. My arms on the other hand were shaking lol. The stand up and jump abs were hard to do so I think I will add a couple of those to my mornings so I can get used to them.
I really want to get a dip station. I put it on my amazon wish birthday is in April...hoping Big Daddy will get it for me :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 2 week 3 - soon or never rep challenge

The workout: timed rep challenge: pyramid style 10-6 (intermediate)

1. Split squat using sandbag (used 10lb dumb bell)
2.elevated pushup using equalizer (done on stool w/ no walk over)
3. low jack squats using sand bag (used 10lb dumb bell)
4. push up dip combo using equalizer (did modification: wide, star push ups)
5. side jump, push up, tuck using equalizer (jumped over towel)

Fuckin push ups! I already don't like wrists hurt every time. Big Daddy thinks that I should do more push ups to strengthen my wrists. Anyways...fuckin push ups! 
But before I get into that here's how the workout "ends up"--> 10+9+8+7+6=40, 40x5=200. Yes. 200 reps and it took me 44:26.2 to complete. And that's only because I modified.
Ok so after the first round and on exercise #4 of the second round, I dropped to my knees to complete and finished #5 the same way. For the rest of the rounds I kept #2 as a regular push up but did #4 and #5 on my knees because frankly I suck. But seriously, I was shaking so hard after the first round that I didn't want to hurt myself. I can still feel "the burn." I could barely lift my arms to wash my hair when I took a shower! Ok now I'm just being dramatic LOL. So glad I did my mamavation workout this morning!
So I am off to put some goodness in my belly. Big Daddy made steak and rice for dinner :-)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 1 week three - Naked ambition fit test

The workout: fit test: 50/10

squat jumps (30) 36
push ups (20) 20
burpees (10) 12
high knees (98) 110
switch lunges (25) 31
tuck jumps (20) 27
tricep dips (20) 30
straight abs (26) 36

Week 3. I really can't believe it. So the numbers in the parentheses is how many I did on day 1 of the challenge. Here we are on week 3 and I cannot believe I improved. I was sweating my ass off, panting. Totally not a good look, but I improved! Push ups have never been my forte (weak wrists) so I am stoked I even did 20. I have not yet stepped on a scale. But I will take my measurements tonight. 

I mentioned it before, but I am also taking the mamavation 2 week challenge as well. I haven't documented it until this moment, though I don't know why. Today is day 2 of week 2: "Rocky" which is basically an arms and upper boy workout. I am doing a modified version of the mamavation workout before body rocking.  I am THAT crazy workout chick! LOL. Am I over doing it? Maybe. But meh, the mamavation workout is just fun and ends Friday. I like that every other day I focus on arms/upper and abs/lower. 

Well loves its off to the showers I go. Well "s." Hey Duckie...ya you! LOL PLEASE PLEASE do the challenge with me next month. Me love you long time!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 5, week two - Ass fire (day 4 recap)

Day 4, week 2 - hard & tight rep challenge (pyramid workout)
tuck jump reverse lunge w/ sandbag (used kettle bell)
tricep push up (on stool)
reverse pull up using equalizer (used perfect pull up bar)
exploding up right row w/ sandbag (used kettle for 1st round, then switched to dumb bells)

This was a timed workout but I forgot to take a picture of my time. It was super tough and I know it took me over 35 min to complete the whole thing. This was the exact same workout for day 4, week 1. SUPER TOUGH.

Day 5, week 2 -Ass fire: 50/10 complete 3 x through (intermediate workout)

hug knee star jump, 3 point jump & push up
over chair elevated circle abs w/ dip station/equalizer (modified circle abs over stool)
reverse elevated push up w/ dip station/equalizer (modified using perfect pull up bar)
step ups L&R leg alternate w/ sandbag (modified sing kettle bell)

Abs bonus: 50/10 (intermediate)
- side plank & extended toe touch - R leg & L hand touch (15)
- side plank & extended toe touch - L leg & R hand touch (17)
- wall hold & knee tuck (L&R knee alternate (20)

Holy effin EFF! LOL. Tonight was killer! But I needed this kick in the pants! The ab bonus? Fuh-get-a-bout-it!!! I was shaking the whole time. So pardon me, but I am still shaking so this post is just gonna be it. :)

Yay! I'm back LOL

So if you follow me on twitter you know that I haven't been able to get into my blogs all weekend! I have been working out, just haven't been able to document. I will post tonight after I finish my workout for today :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 3 week two - Do it like you workout

The workout: 50/10: complete 6 exercises 2 x through (challenged to do it 3 x through, but my thigh is still a bit sore)

push up + clean & press & squat & press w/ sandbag (used kettle bell)
lunge & press - left leg w/ sandbag (used kettle bell)
lunge & press - right leg w/ sandbag (used kettle bell)
side jump, center push up, side jump w/ equalizer (did on floor)
single arm clean & press - L&R arms alternate (used lighter kettle bell)
knee lift using equalizer (done on floor)

Ab bonus: 50/10
- left leg bridge 21
- right leg bridge 20
- over head abs w/ sandbag (used dumbbell) 18

I wrapped up my thigh and just did the exercises 2 x through. Its still a bit sore but nothing crazy and I'm making sure to not over do it. Oh lunges. I forgot how much I missed them (NOT). LOL. For the ab bonus I took my time and concentrated on form, making sure I was keeping my mid section tight.

Hubs commented on my body today. We were taking a shower and he tells me that whatever workout I am doing, keep doing. He can totally tell in my mid section that I've been working out. I still have that mommy pooch of extra skin and a bit of love grips (haha not so much handles anymore) but he said he can definitely see a difference. MADE.MY.WHOLE.DAY!!! That was exactly what I needed to hear :-)

I have even gotten a friend of mine to start this challenge on Monday. She says she's been doing some quick exercises at home so I gave her the website. She is as excited as I was to start. Now I have a workout buddy.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Beauty rituals

We all have them.
Here are a couple of things that I do on a weekly basis. I'll save my daily and nightly routines for another time.

So every Tuesday night I do a face mask after I get out of the shower. I alternate between these two. I have acne prone skin so I LOVE LOVE LOVE the mint julep mask all over once a week. I feel like it really purges my skin. The second mask I got through beauty fix last year. It has a blend of AHA and PHA to stimulate cell renewal. Its a gel that when dry you just peel off.

I use this if I have blemishes at the time. GREAT stuff!

Every Wednesday I wash my makeup brushes. I used to only wash them once every couple of weeks but soon learned, through YouTube and personal experience, that my dirty brushes were causing some of my breakouts. EVERY WEDNESDAY. They are drying right now as we speak.

I use this every morning. (Will do a morning routine on another day and I'll talk more about it because I LOVE this product!)

I use this every night. This one is drying so I use this only at night in the shower. (Will do a nightly routine on another day and I'll talk more about it)

Every Thursday I do my nails. I am a Jamberry Nails consultant, so I am always changing up my nail game to help my business. *Check out my website for all of the styles we carry*

And that my loves is things that I do EVERY WEEK. Even my little dudes know. 
What are some of your beauty rituals that you have to or feel like you have to do?


Day 2 week two - Commit and succeed

The workout: timed challenge: pyramid style (10, 9, 8, 7, etc)

1. keg squat w/sandbag (used dumbbell)
2. sandbag hugger (used kettle bell)
3. 10 high knees w/ sandbag & 10 mountain climbers
4. rotational abs w/ sandbag (used dumbbell)


I didn't complete the pyramid *hangs head in shame*
I caught a cramp at the beginning of my 3 rep set in my thigh. I had never felt anything like that before. I tried to keep going but fell to the floor. I've been drinking water but can't seem to even stand on my right leg. I will have hubby take a look at it when he gets home from school. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 1 week two - bikini bunny workout

A workout on valentine's day to make me valenFINE!

The workout: 50/10: complete 4 exercises 2 x through

1. 2 x push ups + burpee + tuck jump
2. 10 high knees + 10 mountain climbers
3. 2 x pushups jump over sandbag (jumped over kettle bell)
4. 1 x frog jump + 1 push up

Ab bonus: 50/10
- wood chop knee to shoulder - left w/ sandbag (used kettle bell) 21
- wood chop knee to shoulder - right w/ sandbag (used kettle bell) 22
- knee raises (on chair) 24

Besides bodyrock, I am doing the mamavation 2 week challenge so I am a bit tired...muscle wise. But I cranked out this workout. Its crazy because of the 4 exercises, I thought the first one was gonna kill me just reading it. Believe it or not those 10 high knees and 10 mountain climbers did me over! So I treated myself to a nice soak in the tub :-)
Week 2...I have decided to not weigh myself. I don't want to be "chained to the scale." I will take my measurements on Friday as I said I was going to do before. I will weigh myself at the end of the challenge to see where I'm at. I do have a "goal" weight that I want to reach. Its roughly about 5 pounds lighter than I am now. I am learning to eat better as well. Smaller portions and frequent eating are coming second nature to me now. But sorry Big Daddy...I still will NOT eat brown rice. LOL

Hope everyone is enjoying or did enjoy your valentine's day.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 5 week one - Show it off workout you're not crazy. There was no day 4. Day 4 was soon as I came home from work, we left to take the dudes to my MILs, which is like an hour away. Got there and she wanted us to stay for dinner. By the time we got back on the road and then got home, it was already 10pm. I am not working out that late. Saturday we went to a wedding and Sunday, well we had to recover. I did have an "active" weekend with the hubs :) I will be making up day 4 this Saturday.

The workout: 3 component which include a strength warm up and cool down *as always, modifications were done due to lack of equipment*

Warm up strength (complete 4 sets)
15 x squats w/ sandbag (used dumbbells)
15 x plank knee tucks alternating L&R knee - 30 in total on equalizer (done on floor)
15 x shoulder press w/ sandbag (used dumbbells)
15 x bent over row w/ sandbag (used dumbbells)

Cardio: 50/10 for 8 rounds
high knees w/ skipping rope

Cool down strength (complete 4 sets)
15 x squats w/ sandbag (used dumbbells)
15 x pushups
15 x reverse pull ups using dip station or equalizer (used perfect pull up bar)

Today was TOUGH! My shoulders were burning. I don't think I've mentioned this before but I use 5-8lb dumbbells whenever I modify. The first set of the the warm up I used 8 lbs but dropped to 5 for the remainder of the entire workout. I normally use 8 though.
Not much else to say...I'm exhausted! LOL
No more skipping days for the rest of the month.
I'm also doing my 2nd 2 week Mamavation challenge too :-)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 3 week one - tighten it up workout (Feb challenge)

The workout: tighten it up workout: 50/10, complete the following exercises 3 x through *of course I modified because I do not have a sand bag*

1. sandbag shoulder lift & drop (L&R shoulder) using sandbag (used kettle bell)
2. 1 leg push up and jump over sandbag - leg closest to bag is lifted (modified last set and did on knees)
3. 10 high knees & 10 mountain climbers (used kettle bell)
4. tuck knees & explosive star jump

Ab bonus: 50/10
- star abs: alternating L&R arms & legs 26
- left oblique plank & side drop (done on forearm) 13
- right oblique plank & side drop (done on forearm) 15

Another tough workout. The one leg push ups and star jumps killed me! I really thought the star jumps would be easy but boy was I wrong LOL. She posted the workouts being done on the beach-->totally giving me more motivation to push on. I WILL be that skinny hot mama in her bikini struttin her stuff! Look out Texas!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Feb 30 day challenge..ready..FIGHT!

So last night I ended up doing Day 1 - fit test for the February 30 day challenge. I have decided to continue on with the February challenge. Here is my fit test that I did last night (concentrating more on form than the amount):

8 exercises for 50/10
- squat jumps 30
- push ups 25
- burpees 10
- high knees 98
-switch lunges 25
- tuck jumps 20
- tricep dips 20
- straight abs 26

Tonight I did day 2. I should actually be on day 3 but the workouts are posted late too late at night for me to be working out. 2:

The workout: timed challenge: 300 rep fat slaughter workout: pyramid style - 1st time through you do each exercise for 10 reps. The next round you do 9 and so on and so one until 1 rep for the final round. *I did have to modify because I do not have a sandbag*

1. alternating hand sand bag swing (used dumbbells)
2. shovel left using sand bag (used dumbbells)
3. shovel right using sand bag (same modification above)
4. clean and press using sand bag (used dumbbells)
5. clean and press using sand bag (same modification above)

There was also an ab routine to do. *modified because I do not have an equalizer*
3 exercises for 10/50
- reptile push up using equalizer (used dumbbells) 17
- mountain climbers using equalizer (used dumbbells) 40
- star push ups using equalizer (used dumbbells) 20

As soon as I was done with the timed workout, I took about a minute rest and completed the ab routine. I am exhausted, but I feel great. And OH MY THIGHS! LOL. Call me crazy but I love the burn during and the shaky after. 
So who's with me? Anyone? If you are taking the challenge or just doing some workout from the website, let me know!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

active rest day #2 - yay or nay?

Today should be my active rest day (#2). But yesterday announced and posted a February - 30 day challenge. (The fit test was posted late last 1 was officially yesterday.) I'm staring at the website wondering if I should continue on with the 30 day challenge from last month or just start this challenge? I can still have today "off" seeing as how I JUST did the fit test for my current challenge last week. If I stop my current challenge, I will be one day behind...but of course I can make that up on an active rest day. Hmmmmm....
I am thinking and hoping that they do a challenge every month. If they do, then I'm golden. I can just continue what I am doing and not worry....
I don't know what to do. And yes this was a conversation I had in my head "out loud" for all of you ;-)

You know what? I'm just going to do the fit test. Its just the fit test. And I haven't been very active today. Thanks guys! LOL

Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 5 week 1 - I won't give up

The workout: 400 rep (timed) challenge-->repeat each exercise 4 x through

75 high knee skips
25 knee lifts using dip station (did knee ups on floor)

A total of 400 reps! 400! It was FUN!!! I tried to use Big Daddy's jump rope but it was too long. LOL So I used the dudes jump rope. I felt like I was a kid again...except for the grunting and sweating. Like I said earlier, this was a timed challenge and I actually remembered to time myself. 

I am ridiculously proud of myself. Week 1 is done and I just want more. I already took one active rest day this week, so tomorrow will be my second and on Wednesday I start week 2. 

Power word: More

When my muscles ache and I feel like I want to pass out I just think more...just one more. It's an amazing feeling to want one more and then get it. I want more. I want more out of my workouts so I push myself to get that one more. We all want more in our lives. I crank it out day after day to get more of everything that I want for myself and for my family. 

Happy Monday everyone!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 4 week 1 - wish you would workout

The workout: plyo cardio & strength: 10/50 for 12 rounds-->repeat 3 x through

burpees + push up
reverse pull up using dip station (used perfect pullup bar)
triple plank jumps
high knees using dip station (did knee roll ups on floor)

First workout of this challenge that I did in the morning. I think I will have to change it up and do this challenge in the mornings instead of when I come home form work in the afternoon because I feel GREAT. Today's workout was awesome. It was tabata style and y'all know I live doing tabatas. I felt right in my own element for once lol. Ya ya I know its only day 4 :-)

Power word(s): resist (temptation)

Today is super bowl Sunday. The day of gluttony: an all afternoon of food and beer. Oh man! I will resist the urge to over eat. I will resist the temptation of beer.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

(active rest day)

Today should have been plyo cardio and strength workout. Saturdays are VERY busy for us, so I made this my active rest day. As some of you know, Big Daddy plays rugby. We decided to take the dog out to the pitch for the first time today. To tire him out a bit before the game started, I ran a couple laps with him around the field. And when Big Daddy ran almost the entire length of the field and scored, I jumped up and down like crazy. See? ACTIVE rest day. :-)
Tomorrow I will pick up where I left off. Hope everyone enjoyed their Saturday as much as I did.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 3 week 1 - international love workout

The workout: interval workout and timed challenge: 12 rounds 50/10 *I modified some of the workouts because I do not have my sandbag or dip station yet*

superman push ups
elevated push ups and L&R knee to elbow w/ swiss ball
squat & press w/sandbag (done with dumbbell)
UGI clean & press + jump forward + 3 x squat jumps
reverse pull ups on dip station (done on perfect pull up)
side jump burpee + 2 knee to elbow oblique abs + tuck jump center (alternate sides)
forward lunge + side lunge + knee lift (alternate legs) w/ sandbag (done with dumbbell)
UGI ball push up & burpee + sump L&R knee touch
tricep dip + knock out v abs w/ dip station (done on bench & modified)
overhead abs w/ sandbag (done with dumbbell)
sandbag shoulder lift + squat + switch shoulder + press w/ sandbag (done with dumbbell)
speed run

I did note how many I did of each exercise group but forgot to time how long I took to do the workout. This was a cardio, core and resistance workout. A total "feel the burn" kind of workout. I really pushed myself through the burn and am very pleased with myself. I also concentrated on making sure that I didn't lose form either. You have to do an exercise the right way or else why do it?

Power word: work

I have learned that you can't just want a healthy, fit body. You have to work for it. My goals with working out are simple: become stronger and leaner. I can't get there without putting in work. These workouts are WORK. Lisa said something on the blog yesterday that simplified everything: You only have one heart and one body; look after it as well as you can. You have to work at it. See? Plain and simple. WORK.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 2 Week 1 - good feeling workout

The workout: Interval circuit: 12 minutes --> 12 rounds 50/10  *I did modify and did 50/15 and I did modify like 3 of the moves*
10 x high knees and 10 x mountain climbers
2 x squat jumps and 2 x push ups and 1 tuck jump
center to elbow jump (L&R) and 2 x leg jumps
push up and clean & press and squat & press
5 x tuck jump and 5 x 1/2 burpee & squat hold 
straight leg push up and spider knee push up (L&R)
switch lunge & press
2 x side lunge and L&R side punch and 2 tuck jumps
10 x squat and 10 x squat jumps (KILLER)
elbow to knee jumps 10 x each side
wide leg jumps and push up
speed run

No lie...this challenge is TOUGH! Today's workout was tough and its only day 2! I am still shaking. And talk about sweat. She said we were gonna sweat. I didn't realize how much! I haven't had a challenging workout like this since I did Insanity last year. 
Yesterday I made the mistake of eating dinner before I worked out and did the fit test. So tonight, I had a small snack then worked out. Can I tell you I STILL felt like I was going to throw up?

A part of this challenge is choosing a daily power word. The word(s) I chose were: Be strong.

I watched this workout before actually doing it and the first thought that came into my head was "I will NOT be able to do that." I looked in my journal and there were those 2 words: BE STRONG. In a corny uplifting way those 2 words made me smile, and I did it. I pushed through and completed the workout.
It really is hard sometimes to "keep it together." I'm a wife, a mom, I work full time out of the house, I clean, I cook, I help with homework...the list goes on. It can and has gotten overwhelming at times but I push forward. Like everyone else, I keep it together. When anything gets me down, I think be strong. I am providing for my family in every possible way and they are happy and healthy. 
Be strong everyone. Take everyday by the horns and push through.

You can find Day 2 work out here.

P.S. I did not weigh myself or take any measurements prior to starting this workout. I do plan on taking measurements at the end of the week and at the end of every week only.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 1 week 1 - 30 day challenge - Fit Test

Hello lovers! Can you believe it's already February?!
At the end of the year, I mentioned a great workout site called Well in January they did a 30 day challenge. I wasn't up to it then since I was just about to finish a 2 week work out and then I wanted to do the 2 week Mamavation challenge. I was so excited when my twin, Mrs. H, mentioned doing the 30 day challenge in February...PERFECT! I'm so glad I have her in my life! We made our plans, and I ordered my "gear." Unfortunately, Mrs. H has bigger, better things going on right now that she can't join me on the challenge...well let me re-phrase...she FORTUNATELY has bigger better plans and I couldn't be more excited for her. But because of the great plans, she won't join me for this challenge. Next time love! Promise!

Today is day 1 - Fit test day. Every challenge I do always seems to start with some kind of fit test. Which is a good thing. Tells you what kind of fitness level you are at the moment and gives you something to work for. Because at the end of the challenge when you repeat the fit test, you definitely want to do better.
The fit test for this challenge is as follows: 50 seconds on, 10 seconds rest in between exercises:
squat jumps
push ups
high knees
switch lunges
tuck jumps
straight abs
Simple enough but still challenging. My heart was pumping and I was sweating. I am super excited!
So here I am, day 1...wish me luck!