Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Beauty rituals

We all have them.
Here are a couple of things that I do on a weekly basis. I'll save my daily and nightly routines for another time.

So every Tuesday night I do a face mask after I get out of the shower. I alternate between these two. I have acne prone skin so I LOVE LOVE LOVE the mint julep mask all over once a week. I feel like it really purges my skin. The second mask I got through beauty fix last year. It has a blend of AHA and PHA to stimulate cell renewal. Its a gel that when dry you just peel off.

I use this if I have blemishes at the time. GREAT stuff!

Every Wednesday I wash my makeup brushes. I used to only wash them once every couple of weeks but soon learned, through YouTube and personal experience, that my dirty brushes were causing some of my breakouts. EVERY WEDNESDAY. They are drying right now as we speak.

I use this every morning. (Will do a morning routine on another day and I'll talk more about it because I LOVE this product!)

I use this every night. This one is drying so I use this only at night in the shower. (Will do a nightly routine on another day and I'll talk more about it)

Every Thursday I do my nails. I am a Jamberry Nails consultant, so I am always changing up my nail game to help my business. *Check out my website for all of the styles we carry*

And that my loves is things that I do EVERY WEEK. Even my little dudes know. 
What are some of your beauty rituals that you have to or feel like you have to do?


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frikken DUCKIE said...

I love how you've got your whole routine down to a "T"! I have a hard time making and committing to a schedule with my 3, sometimes 4, kids (you know how men can act sometimes). :P

I think I'm going to try and follow your lead with your weekly routine. I too love masks and peels and doing my nails (sadly I have been neglecting them lately), and my brushes are in need of weekly cleaning (I only clean them when I get a chance to but they tend to end up in little hands when I leave them to dry...).

And please do another post about the Burt's Bees product. It looks like an interesting product to try out!!

♥ Duckie.