Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 1 week 1 - 30 day challenge - Fit Test

Hello lovers! Can you believe it's already February?!
At the end of the year, I mentioned a great workout site called Well in January they did a 30 day challenge. I wasn't up to it then since I was just about to finish a 2 week work out and then I wanted to do the 2 week Mamavation challenge. I was so excited when my twin, Mrs. H, mentioned doing the 30 day challenge in February...PERFECT! I'm so glad I have her in my life! We made our plans, and I ordered my "gear." Unfortunately, Mrs. H has bigger, better things going on right now that she can't join me on the challenge...well let me re-phrase...she FORTUNATELY has bigger better plans and I couldn't be more excited for her. But because of the great plans, she won't join me for this challenge. Next time love! Promise!

Today is day 1 - Fit test day. Every challenge I do always seems to start with some kind of fit test. Which is a good thing. Tells you what kind of fitness level you are at the moment and gives you something to work for. Because at the end of the challenge when you repeat the fit test, you definitely want to do better.
The fit test for this challenge is as follows: 50 seconds on, 10 seconds rest in between exercises:
squat jumps
push ups
high knees
switch lunges
tuck jumps
straight abs
Simple enough but still challenging. My heart was pumping and I was sweating. I am super excited!
So here I am, day 1...wish me luck!

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Mrs. H said...

You go girl!! I so wish I could be doing the challenge with you. You know that I'll be rooting for you from here.