Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 1 week three - Naked ambition fit test

The workout: fit test: 50/10

squat jumps (30) 36
push ups (20) 20
burpees (10) 12
high knees (98) 110
switch lunges (25) 31
tuck jumps (20) 27
tricep dips (20) 30
straight abs (26) 36

Week 3. I really can't believe it. So the numbers in the parentheses is how many I did on day 1 of the challenge. Here we are on week 3 and I cannot believe I improved. I was sweating my ass off, panting. Totally not a good look, but I improved! Push ups have never been my forte (weak wrists) so I am stoked I even did 20. I have not yet stepped on a scale. But I will take my measurements tonight. 

I mentioned it before, but I am also taking the mamavation 2 week challenge as well. I haven't documented it until this moment, though I don't know why. Today is day 2 of week 2: "Rocky" which is basically an arms and upper boy workout. I am doing a modified version of the mamavation workout before body rocking.  I am THAT crazy workout chick! LOL. Am I over doing it? Maybe. But meh, the mamavation workout is just fun and besides...it ends Friday. I like that every other day I focus on arms/upper and abs/lower. 

Well loves its off to the showers I go. Well shower...no "s." Hey Duckie...ya you! LOL PLEASE PLEASE do the challenge with me next month. Me love you long time!!!

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frikken DUCKIE said...

Bwahahaha! I accept your challenge!

What do you do? Do you just go on the site and follow the videos? Because idk what a burpee is (sounds like a baby's burp cloth to me) and I don't own any weights or kettlebell or anything like that. Do I need to go out and get equipment or something? HELP!

♥ Duckie.