Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 1 week two - bikini bunny workout

A workout on valentine's day to make me valenFINE!

The workout: 50/10: complete 4 exercises 2 x through

1. 2 x push ups + burpee + tuck jump
2. 10 high knees + 10 mountain climbers
3. 2 x pushups jump over sandbag (jumped over kettle bell)
4. 1 x frog jump + 1 push up

Ab bonus: 50/10
- wood chop knee to shoulder - left w/ sandbag (used kettle bell) 21
- wood chop knee to shoulder - right w/ sandbag (used kettle bell) 22
- knee raises (on chair) 24

Besides bodyrock, I am doing the mamavation 2 week challenge so I am a bit tired...muscle wise. But I cranked out this workout. Its crazy because of the 4 exercises, I thought the first one was gonna kill me just reading it. Believe it or not those 10 high knees and 10 mountain climbers did me over! So I treated myself to a nice soak in the tub :-)
Week 2...I have decided to not weigh myself. I don't want to be "chained to the scale." I will take my measurements on Friday as I said I was going to do before. I will weigh myself at the end of the challenge to see where I'm at. I do have a "goal" weight that I want to reach. Its roughly about 5 pounds lighter than I am now. I am learning to eat better as well. Smaller portions and frequent eating are coming second nature to me now. But sorry Big Daddy...I still will NOT eat brown rice. LOL

Hope everyone is enjoying or did enjoy your valentine's day.

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