Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 2 week 3 - soon or never rep challenge

The workout: timed rep challenge: pyramid style 10-6 (intermediate)

1. Split squat using sandbag (used 10lb dumb bell)
2.elevated pushup using equalizer (done on stool w/ no walk over)
3. low jack squats using sand bag (used 10lb dumb bell)
4. push up dip combo using equalizer (did modification: wide, star push ups)
5. side jump, push up, tuck using equalizer (jumped over towel)

Fuckin push ups! I already don't like wrists hurt every time. Big Daddy thinks that I should do more push ups to strengthen my wrists. Anyways...fuckin push ups! 
But before I get into that here's how the workout "ends up"--> 10+9+8+7+6=40, 40x5=200. Yes. 200 reps and it took me 44:26.2 to complete. And that's only because I modified.
Ok so after the first round and on exercise #4 of the second round, I dropped to my knees to complete and finished #5 the same way. For the rest of the rounds I kept #2 as a regular push up but did #4 and #5 on my knees because frankly I suck. But seriously, I was shaking so hard after the first round that I didn't want to hurt myself. I can still feel "the burn." I could barely lift my arms to wash my hair when I took a shower! Ok now I'm just being dramatic LOL. So glad I did my mamavation workout this morning!
So I am off to put some goodness in my belly. Big Daddy made steak and rice for dinner :-)

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