Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 3 week 1 - international love workout

The workout: interval workout and timed challenge: 12 rounds 50/10 *I modified some of the workouts because I do not have my sandbag or dip station yet*

superman push ups
elevated push ups and L&R knee to elbow w/ swiss ball
squat & press w/sandbag (done with dumbbell)
UGI clean & press + jump forward + 3 x squat jumps
reverse pull ups on dip station (done on perfect pull up)
side jump burpee + 2 knee to elbow oblique abs + tuck jump center (alternate sides)
forward lunge + side lunge + knee lift (alternate legs) w/ sandbag (done with dumbbell)
UGI ball push up & burpee + sump L&R knee touch
tricep dip + knock out v abs w/ dip station (done on bench & modified)
overhead abs w/ sandbag (done with dumbbell)
sandbag shoulder lift + squat + switch shoulder + press w/ sandbag (done with dumbbell)
speed run

I did note how many I did of each exercise group but forgot to time how long I took to do the workout. This was a cardio, core and resistance workout. A total "feel the burn" kind of workout. I really pushed myself through the burn and am very pleased with myself. I also concentrated on making sure that I didn't lose form either. You have to do an exercise the right way or else why do it?

Power word: work

I have learned that you can't just want a healthy, fit body. You have to work for it. My goals with working out are simple: become stronger and leaner. I can't get there without putting in work. These workouts are WORK. Lisa said something on the blog yesterday that simplified everything: You only have one heart and one body; look after it as well as you can. You have to work at it. See? Plain and simple. WORK.

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