Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 3 week two - Do it like you workout

The workout: 50/10: complete 6 exercises 2 x through (challenged to do it 3 x through, but my thigh is still a bit sore)

push up + clean & press & squat & press w/ sandbag (used kettle bell)
lunge & press - left leg w/ sandbag (used kettle bell)
lunge & press - right leg w/ sandbag (used kettle bell)
side jump, center push up, side jump w/ equalizer (did on floor)
single arm clean & press - L&R arms alternate (used lighter kettle bell)
knee lift using equalizer (done on floor)

Ab bonus: 50/10
- left leg bridge 21
- right leg bridge 20
- over head abs w/ sandbag (used dumbbell) 18

I wrapped up my thigh and just did the exercises 2 x through. Its still a bit sore but nothing crazy and I'm making sure to not over do it. Oh lunges. I forgot how much I missed them (NOT). LOL. For the ab bonus I took my time and concentrated on form, making sure I was keeping my mid section tight.

Hubs commented on my body today. We were taking a shower and he tells me that whatever workout I am doing, keep doing. He can totally tell in my mid section that I've been working out. I still have that mommy pooch of extra skin and a bit of love grips (haha not so much handles anymore) but he said he can definitely see a difference. MADE.MY.WHOLE.DAY!!! That was exactly what I needed to hear :-)

I have even gotten a friend of mine to start this challenge on Monday. She says she's been doing some quick exercises at home so I gave her the website. She is as excited as I was to start. Now I have a workout buddy.

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frikken DUCKIE said...

You go girl!

I HATE my mommy pouch! :(

Isn't it the best feeling in the world when someone you love compliments you on something you've been working hard at!?

Keep doing what you're doing mama!

♥ Duckie.