Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 5 week 1 - I won't give up

The workout: 400 rep (timed) challenge-->repeat each exercise 4 x through

75 high knee skips
25 knee lifts using dip station (did knee ups on floor)

A total of 400 reps! 400! It was FUN!!! I tried to use Big Daddy's jump rope but it was too long. LOL So I used the dudes jump rope. I felt like I was a kid again...except for the grunting and sweating. Like I said earlier, this was a timed challenge and I actually remembered to time myself. 

I am ridiculously proud of myself. Week 1 is done and I just want more. I already took one active rest day this week, so tomorrow will be my second and on Wednesday I start week 2. 

Power word: More

When my muscles ache and I feel like I want to pass out I just think more...just one more. It's an amazing feeling to want one more and then get it. I want more. I want more out of my workouts so I push myself to get that one more. We all want more in our lives. I crank it out day after day to get more of everything that I want for myself and for my family. 

Happy Monday everyone!

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