Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 5 week one - Show it off workout you're not crazy. There was no day 4. Day 4 was soon as I came home from work, we left to take the dudes to my MILs, which is like an hour away. Got there and she wanted us to stay for dinner. By the time we got back on the road and then got home, it was already 10pm. I am not working out that late. Saturday we went to a wedding and Sunday, well we had to recover. I did have an "active" weekend with the hubs :) I will be making up day 4 this Saturday.

The workout: 3 component which include a strength warm up and cool down *as always, modifications were done due to lack of equipment*

Warm up strength (complete 4 sets)
15 x squats w/ sandbag (used dumbbells)
15 x plank knee tucks alternating L&R knee - 30 in total on equalizer (done on floor)
15 x shoulder press w/ sandbag (used dumbbells)
15 x bent over row w/ sandbag (used dumbbells)

Cardio: 50/10 for 8 rounds
high knees w/ skipping rope

Cool down strength (complete 4 sets)
15 x squats w/ sandbag (used dumbbells)
15 x pushups
15 x reverse pull ups using dip station or equalizer (used perfect pull up bar)

Today was TOUGH! My shoulders were burning. I don't think I've mentioned this before but I use 5-8lb dumbbells whenever I modify. The first set of the the warm up I used 8 lbs but dropped to 5 for the remainder of the entire workout. I normally use 8 though.
Not much else to say...I'm exhausted! LOL
No more skipping days for the rest of the month.
I'm also doing my 2nd 2 week Mamavation challenge too :-)

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Sunshine said...

Keep up the great work!