Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 5, week two - Ass fire (day 4 recap)

Day 4, week 2 - hard & tight rep challenge (pyramid workout)
tuck jump reverse lunge w/ sandbag (used kettle bell)
tricep push up (on stool)
reverse pull up using equalizer (used perfect pull up bar)
exploding up right row w/ sandbag (used kettle for 1st round, then switched to dumb bells)

This was a timed workout but I forgot to take a picture of my time. It was super tough and I know it took me over 35 min to complete the whole thing. This was the exact same workout for day 4, week 1. SUPER TOUGH.

Day 5, week 2 -Ass fire: 50/10 complete 3 x through (intermediate workout)

hug knee star jump, 3 point jump & push up
over chair elevated circle abs w/ dip station/equalizer (modified circle abs over stool)
reverse elevated push up w/ dip station/equalizer (modified using perfect pull up bar)
step ups L&R leg alternate w/ sandbag (modified sing kettle bell)

Abs bonus: 50/10 (intermediate)
- side plank & extended toe touch - R leg & L hand touch (15)
- side plank & extended toe touch - L leg & R hand touch (17)
- wall hold & knee tuck (L&R knee alternate (20)

Holy effin EFF! LOL. Tonight was killer! But I needed this kick in the pants! The ab bonus? Fuh-get-a-bout-it!!! I was shaking the whole time. So pardon me, but I am still shaking so this post is just gonna be it. :)

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frikken DUCKIE said...

Holy cow I cannot understand how you can do this to yourself! I get intimidated by the workout just by reading it. I feel like fainting myself after reading all the stuff you did! I am slowly getting more and more interested in joining you in your challenge though. But not yet! Maybe next month...