Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Feb 30 day challenge..ready..FIGHT!

So last night I ended up doing Day 1 - fit test for the February 30 day challenge. I have decided to continue on with the February challenge. Here is my fit test that I did last night (concentrating more on form than the amount):

8 exercises for 50/10
- squat jumps 30
- push ups 25
- burpees 10
- high knees 98
-switch lunges 25
- tuck jumps 20
- tricep dips 20
- straight abs 26

Tonight I did day 2. I should actually be on day 3 but the workouts are posted late too late at night for me to be working out. 2:

The workout: timed challenge: 300 rep fat slaughter workout: pyramid style - 1st time through you do each exercise for 10 reps. The next round you do 9 and so on and so one until 1 rep for the final round. *I did have to modify because I do not have a sandbag*

1. alternating hand sand bag swing (used dumbbells)
2. shovel left using sand bag (used dumbbells)
3. shovel right using sand bag (same modification above)
4. clean and press using sand bag (used dumbbells)
5. clean and press using sand bag (same modification above)

There was also an ab routine to do. *modified because I do not have an equalizer*
3 exercises for 10/50
- reptile push up using equalizer (used dumbbells) 17
- mountain climbers using equalizer (used dumbbells) 40
- star push ups using equalizer (used dumbbells) 20

As soon as I was done with the timed workout, I took about a minute rest and completed the ab routine. I am exhausted, but I feel great. And OH MY THIGHS! LOL. Call me crazy but I love the burn during and the shaky after. 
So who's with me? Anyone? If you are taking the challenge or just doing some workout from the website, let me know!

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