Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rock your body workout

The workout: 12 rounds, 50/10 (3 x through)

1. press up + burpee + tuck jump x 2 & 10 straight punches
2. press up + burpee + tuck jump x 2 & 10 hook punches
3. press up + burpee + tuck jump x 2 & 2 straight punches + 2 hooks (total of 10)
4. 2 x mid abs + 2 x high abs

There was a butt and weighted bonus but I am actually going to do them tomorrow morning when I wake up.

I thought I was having a heart attack...not that I actually know what that feels like. But all joking aside, it felt like my heart was gonna jump out of my throat. I pushed today. I made myself jump as high as I could. I am tired. And I am sweating. And I am starving! See ya in the morning for the 2nd part of this workout.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"Damn, how many rounds was that?"

That's what I thought to myself LOL.

The workout: Ultimate body weight workout - sexy beast: 30/10, 24 rounds (2 x through)

1st round:
1. burpees & push ups
2. squat & press (used kettle bell)
3. 'L' leg alternative push ups
4. knee lift (did v-ups)

2nd round:
5. burpees & push ups
6. squat & press (used dumb bell)
7. triangle push up
8. shoulder knee crossover (used dumb bell)

3rd round:
9. burpees & push ups
10. squat & press (used dumb bell)
11. monkey push ups
12. v touch abs

Bonus: abs: 50/10, 3 rounds
- superman & back ext hold - switch 5 seconds
- v ab roll - L & R alternate
- superman & back ext hold - switch 5 seconds

There was a point when I thought it wouldn't end LOL. I'm noticing that the burpees and push ups don't kill me so much anymore...does that mean I'm getting stronger? HECK YA! 
I wanted to do all the squat and presses with the kettle bell, but it's super awkward to hold and I thought I was gonna drop it on my head during that first set.

I've been around I promise. Just busy and I got my "gift" yesterday. Monday I felt like complete ish and yesterday, well, let's just say I was in bitch mode. But I kicked my self in the ass today and even though its been heavy all day (TMI) I made sure I did my workout.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Breakin a sweat

The workout: Boom boom booty: timed, 25 reps of each exercise

1. burpee pushup
2. one step leg ups - right (used dumbbell)
3. one leg step ups - left (used dumbbell)
4. elevated pushup & 2 under knees
5. 5 high knees & drop
6. 50 mountain climbers (25 each leg)
7. tricep dips
8. ball squats (used soccer ball)
9. stand to plank
10. 50 jump mat toe to elbow (25 each side)
11. 50 v star switch abs (25 each side)

Bonus: 25 reps of each
a. squeezes: legs hip distance a part
                    knees together
                    in & out
                    hold squeeze & in & out knees
b. ass inner & leg (repeat L & R separate): L leg lift & lower (donkey kick)
                                                                    straight leg lift
                                                                    straight leg crossover
                                                                    bent leg press to ceiling
c. inner & outer thigh (repeat L & R separate): straight leg outer thigh
                                                                          forward bent L press
                                                                          straight leg heal toe static leg hold & press toe forward                                                                
                                                                             & back 
                                                                          small straight leg presses up & down

IN-FEAKING-TENSE!!! Burn baby burn. That is all. See y'all tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Booty call - 300 rep challenge

The workout: timed, pyramid style (10,9,8,7, etc)

1. alternating hand bag swing (used kettle bell)
2. shovel left (used kettle bell)
3. shovel right (used kettle bell)
4. clean & press left (used kettle bell)
5. clean & press right (used kettle bell)

Ab bonus: 50/10
- reptile push up
- mountain climbers
- star push ups

Look familiar? Did this workout the first week of the February challenge. Tough, but pulled through. I believe the last time I did this workout I used dumbbells. This time I used a 15 lb kettle bell. The odd shape of it was challenging and I swear I thought I was going to drop it on my feet. I feel stronger doing it. I really feel it mostly in my legs and arms and abs....hell I feel it everywhere LOL. 
With all these push ups in EVERY challenge, you would think they wouldn't be so bad anymore. Nope. Hurts so good every time :)

I've been eating tuna for the past 2 days for lunch. I like tuna and I think it will become a daily staple. Someone told me that when they were dieting (and working out) to lose like 20+ pounds, she ate a lot of tuna. Tasty and very good for you. As long as you don't put too much mayo or miracle whip in. My fave way to eat it is tuna salad: a bit of mayo, salt, pepper, relish, and mustard. Yes mustard. I like the tang taste of it. And I actually ate it on some whole wheat toast yesterday. Today I had it with some crackers. Do you like tuna? How do you prepare it?

Garnier B.B. Cream - initial thoughts + "before" pic

I was recently (like last Tuesday) sent the new Garnier B.B. cream to try out, review, and talk about with other people.

My 1st thoughts:
- like a thicker tinted moisturizer, but not as thick as like sunscreen
- has a scent but not sure how to describe it (and its not bad at all)
- you don't need a lot
- seemed too light for my skin when I first put it on but it "adjusted" to my skin tone quickly
- love that it has SPF

*scary pic of me I know*

So here I am, barefaced. And no I was NOT naked lol. You see I have some dark spots/acne scarring. You can't see it in this picture but I have some freckles on both sides of my nose and my pores on the sides of my nose are large and in charge. 

*the following is taken from*
Short for Beauty Balm, Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector B.B. Cream combines intense hydration with tinted minerals and Vitamin C, so you can ditch that drawn-out beauty routine for naturally more even, radiant and smooth skin in minutes.
Used as often as you want to refresh your look, Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector B.B. Cream instantly delivers big results:
  • Renews radiance
  • Brightens your complexion
  • Evens skin tone and blurs imperfections
  • Hydrates for 24 hours
  • Protects against UVA & UVB rays with SPF 15

I'm hoping the product will live up to the hype. I'll use it for the rest of the week and let you know what I think.

Have you heard of BB creams before? Do you believe that they actually do help to brighten and even out your skin?  

*Disclosure: I am a bzz agent ( and was provided with this product to test and review. I am in no way affiliated directly with Garnier. All opinions are mine and mine alone.*

JOTW - black skulls on white

Jamberry of the Week :-)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Thong shape up

The workout: 2 parts: each part 20/10 for 12 rounds

Part 1
1. jump mat push ups 444544
2.push up & plank oblique toe touch 465555

Part 2
3. squat jump & clean & press (used dumbbell) 555555
4. switch lunge & kick 887677

Bonus abs: 50/10 3 rounds
- plank toe floor touch using UGI ball *modified: held plank for 50 sec
- reverse curl rolls & stand 10
- plank toe floor touch using UGI ball *modified: held plank for 50 sec

Whoa! So let me just begin with saying that holding a plank for 50 sec after an arm workout is KILLER. I was shaking and dripping sweat. Like it was rolling down my back and down my forehead and face in my eyes and my mouth, dripping off my nose and chin...KILLER
There was another bonus workout (core & mix weighted) but I didn't do it. :( I know my limits. 

I fell off the wagon today, and definitely paid for it. I ate McDonald's. UGH. My stomach still doesn't feel right. I felt it almost right after I finished. Oh but wait...I didn't even TELL you what I had yet. A freaking big mac! A big mac. Of all the things. I coulda had some chicken nuggets, but nope. UUUUGGHHH.
You live and learn I guess, and I definitely learned this lesson the hard way. I did make a great food choice this past weekend. 2 actually. The 1st: Ate chinese food and instead of white rice or fried rice, I got brown rice. The 2nd: I had whole wheat pancakes. Baby steps. I will get there.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Booty lover workout

Oh boy! It has been a week since I last worked out! A WEEK! All for good reason. I was a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding this past weekend down in south Texas. We ended up staying for the entire weekend turning it into a mini vacay :) (You can check out my other blog for the deets on that)
Now back to our regularly scheduled workouts...

The workout: 30/10 perform each exercise 2 times back to back, high knee skips in between each exercise

1. frog jump & 2 press ups (4,4)
2. clean & press & squat & press - used dumbbell (6,5)
3. around the world + squat - used dumbbell (7,9)
4. switch lunge & twist - used kettle bell (11,10)
5. elevated push up - on stool (7,8)
6. oblique & leg lifts - v ups and oblique ups on floor (10,8)

Ab bonus: 20/20, complete 3 exercises one after the next (I did 9 rounds instead of 18 as posted)
- side oblique plank drop - left
- plank with alternating knee tuck
- side oblique plank drop - right
*I did not keep track of how many I did each round*

Back & chest bonus: 12 reps, all done with 5 lb dumbbells, back to back
- shoulder press
- bicep curl
- upright row
- tricep kickbacks
- hammer curls
- flys

I liked this workout. It was perfect for my first workout back after a week off. I feel great! From this point on, I am going to try and make one clean eating change every day...meal or snack. Y'all know how much I love food, so y'all know how hard this is going to be for me. For my afternoon snack today, instead of reaching for a piece of chocolate I ate a handful of almonds. Let's see if I can make a clean meal choice tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March Bodyrock Challenge

February came and went! I'm so proud of myself for not only completing the 30 day challenge but for  wanting more! I'm hooked!
For the month of March, they have decided to break it down from doing a month long challenge to doing mini, weekly challenges instead...focusing on specific areas of the body. So to start off, this week is all about butts, legs and inner thighs. Whoa baby!

The workout: Super hot booty workout: 2 parts

Part 1: 10/10 for 12 rounds
1. plie squat jumps & mountain climbers
(200 high knee skips)
2. jump lunges & mountain climbers

Part 2: 40/10 for 6 rounds
1. forward/side lunge combo w/ sandbag (used kettle bell)
2. sumo squat & v ab lift (modified: v ups on floor)

Ab bonus: 50/10 for 3 rounds
- scissor leg switch legs & reverse crunch
- touch toe abs
- scissor leg switch legs & reverse crunch

Back & chest bonus: 8-10 reps
- standard push up
- close grip pull up (did not do)
- military push up
- wide grip pull up
- diamond push up (modified on knees)
- decline push up
- bent over flys (used 5lb dumbbells)
- reverse push up (did not do)

So my thighs and butt were already sore from last night's makeup workout. I really felt it today. Dripping sweat! 10/10 is super fast...especially with no rest. And lord oh lord. 40 seconds is a LONG time. 50 seconds is like FOREVER! 
I can already tell how much I'm going to "love" these isolated workouts.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 4 week four - 420 rep bodyweight challenge (makeup)

The workout: Live my life: 3 rounds, 20 reps

1. bunny hop push up w/ leg raise
2. pull ups
3. surfer kick outs w/ 2 jacks (1 rep)
4. sumo ass out
5. plank drunk chicken
6. sumo squats
7. jump squat w/ 2 low squats (1 rep)

Not as easy as it looks. I thought I would kinda breeze through this because there was no weight involved but 20 reps is killer. My thighs are still burning. I admit that I did not actually do 420 reps. After the first round, I dropped the pull ups to 10. I kept everything else at 20 and was shaking the whole time. I actually had to stop and towel off a bit.

Tomorrow I start the weekly challenges for March. I decided to not do another fit test until the end of March.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 2 & 3 week four (makeup)

I decided to not workout on Friday and instead had dinner and a movie with my guys. Well worth it :-)
I always have something going on, on the weekends...this past weekend we were in Dallas for Big Daddy's rugby that is why I never post. So a quick catch up...
*I also changed a couple of the days around as well*

Day 2, week 4: Hot girls sweat workout: 30/10
1. push up & twist (10)
2. sandbag swing - done with kettle bell (18)
3. switch lunge (16)
4. bent over row w/ sandbag - used kettle bell (22)
5. side lunge left leg w/ sandbag - used kettle bell (17)
6. side lunge right leg w/ sandbag - used kettle bell (17)
7. push up & touch shoulder (11)
8. lunge & twist - alternate legs w/ sandbag - used kettle bell (12)
9. shoulder press & squat using sandbag - used kettle bell (17)
10. elevated push ups (10)
11. mountain climbers (50)
12. reverse pulls using dip station - alternate wide & star push up (9)
13. plank
14. side oblique plank - left
15. side oblique plank - right
16. tricep dips (19)
17. goblet squats using sandbag - used kettle bell (14)

Day 3, week 4: Fit test
*the fit test should be day 5 (which was actually Friday) but I did it as my day 3. I also lost the paper I wrote my scores down on, so I may do this again after I have completed all the workouts for February*

I am totally hooked on body rockin and have even gotten a co-worker of mine to start doing the workouts. Maybe she will let me "interview" her. For the month of March BodyRock TV has decided to do weekly mini challenges that get back to the basics and use all body weight. These will be HIIT workouts with a couple rep challenges, of course, thrown in to keep it interesting.

I put on a pair of skinny jeans on for work this morning and whoa baby, they didn't feel snug at all! I am going to be in a wedding this weekend so I put my bridesmaids dress on and now I actually have to go to the seamstress to get it taken in a bit. All smiles here :-)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 1 week four - Glad you came workout (makeup)

The workout: Sexy moves - intermediate: 50/10 2 x through

1. high knee skip
(did not count)
2. squat lunge & side lunge using sandbag (used 20 lb kettle bell)
3. high knees skip
(did not count)
4. monkey push up & jump
5. high knee skips
(did not count)
6. v towel corner slide & push up on equalizer (used stool)

Ab bonus: 50/10
- 1/2 burpee jump 15
- tuck abs 15
- 1/2 burpee jump 15
- tuck abs 14

I am in my final week...sorta. I plan to push through and make up the days I lost this weekend. I am very proud of myself for sticking with this challenge. I have fallen off the wagon and have had a soda here and there. Trust me...I've paid for it. But I am putting my foot down and saying no more. This is my last week of this month long challenge and I am going to work my tail off to finish it strong. Look world...this bodyrockin mommy is about to show off!