Thursday, March 22, 2012

Breakin a sweat

The workout: Boom boom booty: timed, 25 reps of each exercise

1. burpee pushup
2. one step leg ups - right (used dumbbell)
3. one leg step ups - left (used dumbbell)
4. elevated pushup & 2 under knees
5. 5 high knees & drop
6. 50 mountain climbers (25 each leg)
7. tricep dips
8. ball squats (used soccer ball)
9. stand to plank
10. 50 jump mat toe to elbow (25 each side)
11. 50 v star switch abs (25 each side)

Bonus: 25 reps of each
a. squeezes: legs hip distance a part
                    knees together
                    in & out
                    hold squeeze & in & out knees
b. ass inner & leg (repeat L & R separate): L leg lift & lower (donkey kick)
                                                                    straight leg lift
                                                                    straight leg crossover
                                                                    bent leg press to ceiling
c. inner & outer thigh (repeat L & R separate): straight leg outer thigh
                                                                          forward bent L press
                                                                          straight leg heal toe static leg hold & press toe forward                                                                
                                                                             & back 
                                                                          small straight leg presses up & down

IN-FEAKING-TENSE!!! Burn baby burn. That is all. See y'all tomorrow.

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