Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"Damn, how many rounds was that?"

That's what I thought to myself LOL.

The workout: Ultimate body weight workout - sexy beast: 30/10, 24 rounds (2 x through)

1st round:
1. burpees & push ups
2. squat & press (used kettle bell)
3. 'L' leg alternative push ups
4. knee lift (did v-ups)

2nd round:
5. burpees & push ups
6. squat & press (used dumb bell)
7. triangle push up
8. shoulder knee crossover (used dumb bell)

3rd round:
9. burpees & push ups
10. squat & press (used dumb bell)
11. monkey push ups
12. v touch abs

Bonus: abs: 50/10, 3 rounds
- superman & back ext hold - switch 5 seconds
- v ab roll - L & R alternate
- superman & back ext hold - switch 5 seconds

There was a point when I thought it wouldn't end LOL. I'm noticing that the burpees and push ups don't kill me so much anymore...does that mean I'm getting stronger? HECK YA! 
I wanted to do all the squat and presses with the kettle bell, but it's super awkward to hold and I thought I was gonna drop it on my head during that first set.

I've been around I promise. Just busy and I got my "gift" yesterday. Monday I felt like complete ish and yesterday, well, let's just say I was in bitch mode. But I kicked my self in the ass today and even though its been heavy all day (TMI) I made sure I did my workout.

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