Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 2 & 3 week four (makeup)

I decided to not workout on Friday and instead had dinner and a movie with my guys. Well worth it :-)
I always have something going on, on the weekends...this past weekend we were in Dallas for Big Daddy's rugby that is why I never post. So a quick catch up...
*I also changed a couple of the days around as well*

Day 2, week 4: Hot girls sweat workout: 30/10
1. push up & twist (10)
2. sandbag swing - done with kettle bell (18)
3. switch lunge (16)
4. bent over row w/ sandbag - used kettle bell (22)
5. side lunge left leg w/ sandbag - used kettle bell (17)
6. side lunge right leg w/ sandbag - used kettle bell (17)
7. push up & touch shoulder (11)
8. lunge & twist - alternate legs w/ sandbag - used kettle bell (12)
9. shoulder press & squat using sandbag - used kettle bell (17)
10. elevated push ups (10)
11. mountain climbers (50)
12. reverse pulls using dip station - alternate wide & star push up (9)
13. plank
14. side oblique plank - left
15. side oblique plank - right
16. tricep dips (19)
17. goblet squats using sandbag - used kettle bell (14)

Day 3, week 4: Fit test
*the fit test should be day 5 (which was actually Friday) but I did it as my day 3. I also lost the paper I wrote my scores down on, so I may do this again after I have completed all the workouts for February*

I am totally hooked on body rockin and have even gotten a co-worker of mine to start doing the workouts. Maybe she will let me "interview" her. For the month of March BodyRock TV has decided to do weekly mini challenges that get back to the basics and use all body weight. These will be HIIT workouts with a couple rep challenges, of course, thrown in to keep it interesting.

I put on a pair of skinny jeans on for work this morning and whoa baby, they didn't feel snug at all! I am going to be in a wedding this weekend so I put my bridesmaids dress on and now I actually have to go to the seamstress to get it taken in a bit. All smiles here :-)

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Mrs. H said...

Where are the pics girl. We need progress pics!!! You're kickin' ass and taking names!